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Using the Camera Jib for the perfect shot.

DW Video & Multimedia, LLC provides Michigan Video Production services for Corporate-Industrial-Manufacturing, Retail, Non-Profits, Schools, Medical, Organizations and Churches a full service production experience.

The ability to tell your story is our strength.  Saftey and Training Videos, Company Image, New Product, Highlight Videos and our affordable Buy Local Video Profiles.

Since 1984 we have been providing Michigan Video Production services and have enjoyed every minute.  My goal is promoting you!

Working with local Michigan businesses to tell their story, promoting their products and services.  We have a passion for what we do and it shows.  Yes, we have won awards and that is fine.  More importantly telling your story for your success is the goal.


Using a variety of video shots to tell your story


Outside the Mackinaw Lighthouse – love my job!

The affordable Buy Local Video Profile highlight key members of your business and organization. Bring your message to life.  Demonstrate your products and showcase what it is that makes you unique.  Tell your story and build trust and loyalty with prospects and current customers. Michigan Video Production is our life.

Every video and website project we produce begins with one question: Who is your audience?  According to the University of Maryland, “Knowing your audience helps you to make decisions about what information you should include, how you should arrange that information, and what kind of supporting details will be necessary for the reader to understand what you are presenting. It also influences the tone and structure of the document. To develop and present an effective argument, you need to be able to appeal to and address your audience. ”

Serving the Michigan Video Production communities of Greenville, Rockford, Grand Rapids, Muskegon, Grans Haven, Fremont, Big Rapids, Reed City, Mt. Pleasant, Midland and all of West Michigan.  Call Duane 231-937-5420.



Tourist Videos – you have a story… share!


New product videos sell what you make.









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Working with Kathy Murphy – advertising guru!

Serving Carson City-Big Rapids-Greenville-Fremont-Grand Rapids-Medical Testimonial Videos

medical videos

Medical and Health Care Video produced by Dw Video build trust.

Serving Carson City-Big Rapids-Greenville-Fremont-Grand Rapids-Medical Testimonial Videos produced by DW Video & Multimedia, LLC.

By producing patient stories, in their own words are ideal to building your medical practice. People like to do business with people they know and trust.

Medical and Health Care Testimonial Videos should be 60-90 seconds on average.  Up to 2-3 minutes will work based on the content of the testimonial.  When we have a patient testimonial that goes long – it is ideal to have part one, part two etc. Each video having a stand alone message that promotes your services.

Some sample questions may include: What do you like best about your Doctor and why?  What sets your health care specialist aside from others in his field?  Asking follow-up, open-ended questions will help expand their answers. We may ask: “What do you mean?” or “Can you give me an example?” or “How has that been working for you?”

It is important to have a very good release form for the patients to sign is important as well.  HIPPA privacy is number one.  At DW Video our approach is simple.  This is not an investigative report – we instruct patients that this is their story and they are in control of what they share with us.

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DW Video is serving Carson City-Big Rapids-Greenville-Fremont-Grand Rapids-Medical Testimonial Videos.  These are real life stories produced to promote your medical and health care facility.

Contact Duane for a no-obligation meeting to discuss your needs.




Healthcare and Medical Video Testimonials capture emotion and passion

Healthcare and Medical Video Testimonials capture emotion and passion.  The power of video shines in this video produced by DW Video for Vital Checklist.  At DW Video we specialize in video testimonials for the healthcare and business markets.  Make it real – capture the emotion, the passion with video.

[y.  outube_sc url=”http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r8iwPgse3Rg&feature=share&list=PLBeNKf5vSLRIxEx7yKoYpG30ZCyTwvZXZ&index=1″ autoplay=”1″ rel=”0″]

Barbara is one of Dr.Singh’s patient. Dr.Singh adopted the same methodology as he teaches his USMLE Step 2 CS students. Barbara had gone to numerous doctors and was depressed because of her ailments. Dr.Singh used his checklists to elaborate her history.  This is a real-life patient experience. Informed consent was given by the people in this video.

Dr. Harpreet Singh is the CEO / Founder of Vital Checklist. For more Free Patient Education Videos go tohttp://www.vitalchecklist.com/

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