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share your story with video testimonials Share your story with video is a powerful tool in today’s media toolbox.  According to Casey DuBois, “Video is ideal for getting the word out and showing off your product and services. Duane has a great way of ‘whippingvideo together, it seems like magic.”

Share your story with video testimonials.  At a recent Grand Rapids Inventors Network meeting Casey shared these fine words:



[youtube_sc url=”” title=”Video%20Testimonial” rel=”0″]


The power of the testimonial is priceless.  When customers share their love for you in a real, non-scripted way… the results are and I will say this again.  Priceless.  The key to making a great video testimonial is making it real and not fake.  These are not actors playing a part, they are your customers sharing their experiences with you. The video testimonial produced by Duane at DW Video capture that emotion, their true feeling for you.  The results are amazing.

A parent of two kids that went to Ferris shares her experience.

[youtube_sc url=”” title=”ferris%20state%20parent%20testimonial” rel=”0″]


Share your story with video testimonials can also build trust.  In this TV spot we produced for Dr Harpreet Singh combines a number of patients sharing their experience.

[youtube_sc url=”” title=”dr%20singh” rel=”0″]


Do not hide your video under a rock.  Share, highlight and shout from the mountain tops your story.  The story produced by Duane at DW Video & Multimedia, LLC.

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