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Ken Fortier-NetPlus Connections, Keynote Speaker, Author and co-founder is ready to connect with you.

Ken Fortier-NetPlus Connections ask the question, “How effective are you and your team at building authentic connections when you’re out networking, meeting a prospect for the first time, or even engaging your coworkers and direct reports?” The answer is why Ken Fortier, Keynote Speaker, Author and Co Founder of NetPlus Connections loves what he does and it shows.

When looking at Ken Fortier-NetPlus Connections, you see a business person.  However, just below the surface you will see a storyteller, a storyteller that wants to connect with you.  More importantly a storyteller that wants you, your business and organization to connect with others.  He is infectious in his speaking.  He tells the story and gives you ways to connect with co-workers, prospects, co-workers and family members.

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Choosing Ken Fortier-NetPlus Connections to speak at your event is the right choice.


According to Ken Fortier and his website, “NetPlus Connections is in the business of empowering individuals and companies to develop more effective, more authentically personal business connections. ”  To get to know him he lives this, this is what drives him everyday and thankfully he is willing to share with others.

Connections Matter – Connect with the Ken Fortier and the team at NetPlus Connections.



DW Video & Multiomedia, LLC produces Ken Fortier’s videos and is ready to tell your story on video.  Duane can be reached at 231-937-5420.  Remember to buy and shop locally.

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Ken Fortier – NetPlus Connections


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