Multi-Camera Interviews

Multi-Camera Interviews are part of how DW Video & Multimedia, LLC produces some of the Buy Local Michigan business highlight videos.

Using today’s technology we shoot a lot with a couple Digital SLR camera and my Sony Z7U.  Since there is a quality difference between the Digital SLR’s and the Z7U I used the Z7U more for my audio source. The 7U has two XLR inputs which allows me to mic up the host and the guest during Multi-Camera Interviews.  Now just because their is a quality difference in video I still shoot video.  I can match it pretty close or close enough as some may say.  Or turn it to black and white for an effect.  The lesson here is always shoot video on every source even if you think you will not use it. Producing Multi-Camera Interviews Murphy’s Law may rear its ugly head and you may need that video for that camera.  Trust me, I have used it to cover my backside before.

As part of our marketing I have been using Facebook LIVE to provide tips and tricks with video production.  The basis for this blog post was sparked when I was setting for a Multi-Camera Interview for a gal to use in her ArtPrize entry.


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Sidebar: When a Dozen Cameras isn’t Enough

In the 2002 Vin Diesel action adventure xXx, Director Rob Cohen and Cinematographer Dean Semler filmed a sequence where a brand new convertible is driven off of the Foresthill bridge in Auburn, CA. The car plummets nearly 750 feet to the ground but at the last minute, the driver parachutes out and lands safely. Obviously, this isn’t a stunt that anybody wants to do twice – and not just because of the price of new convertible sports cars. To make sure that they had the coverage they needed, Cohen and Semler shot the scene with 20 cameras running simultaneously. In the editing room, the video was spliced together to show the stunt from a variety of camera angles to give the viewer the greatest thrill.

You can see a detailed construction of how they did it in the special features section of the xXxDVD.  SOURCE: Videomaker Magizine

Another way of posting your job listings

job listings MichiganLets look at another way of posting your job listings. This is just like our Buy Local Video Profiles where you tell your story about the business or organization. The twist is working in your job posting.

Why? Currently you have job postings where the text at times go on and on. I swear some people think the more words the better. NO, that is not true.

Today, you are looking for the person or person(s) that are the right fit for your company. Enticing that person to want to work for you. This approach also improves your company image.

For years I have been preaching the need to tell your story. Make it personal, connect with people. Not with hype or flash. But through making it real. Being social is what we are looking for. Talk with people, not at them… Share!

Enhance your job listings. Lets look at some simple yet effective ways of doing this.

Begin by having your HR, CEO or Service Manager welcome the person watching the video.

  • Having one of your best employees demonstrate the job is important. People are visual and being shown what is expected is key.
  • Determine what the most important aspects of the job are and focus on these. Keeping it to 3-5 areas is best.
  • Show the action that the job requires. A series of close-ups and variety of angles shows the requirements for the position.
  • Whenever possible have current employee’s share their experiences. Make it real, keep the content focused.
    1. What do they like best?
    2. What challenges does the position require?
    3. Share a tip or two.
  • Good potential employee’s have choices, why should they work for you?

In our next post I will share some ideas to use video to your benefit. For increased exposure not only for getting new employee’s but for overall promotion for your company and organization.

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