Henry Ford – Surround yourself with people that know more than you

One does not need to be able to do it all – one does need to know how to get the task at hand accomplished.  Having a mentor, employees, sub-contractors that know more than you within their expertise is a smart way to do business.

Henry Ford was one of those types.  He did not have to know it all.  On his desk he had a row of  buttons and when a problem,  situation or challenge came up, he did not need to have the  answer.  He did however, need to  know what button to push to get the answer.

Henry Ford - an innovator

An Innovator. image belongs to http://static0.therichestimages.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/09/hendri-ford.gif

 We need to be surrounded by people that know more than us to help us grow – both as a person and a professional. 

I have a number of these people within the DW Video ‘Creative Team’.  A team of individuals  that come together to meet the need of any challenge our customers may have.  We work for you.    For a couple decades I have followed Mr. Ford’s model… surround yourself with talent  people.

We are ready to work for you – DW Video 231-937-5420.

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