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Produce your seminar videos and use YouTube as a platform to reach your audience.

Seminar Videos are one way you can share your expertise to prospects and customers.  Lately we have been doing a lot of work in the health care area, however the concepts go to any business.

When we say seminar videos this can mean a number of things.  One, you do not need to go out on a speaking tour and have DW Video capture all your seminars.  Sidenote: Yes, we can do this if you are a keynote speaker.  Second, The seminar videos can be done in your place of business or at our studio in Howard City. It is all about feeding the Google Beast, your prospects and customers with good quality information.

These videos do not need to be expensive and done with a high production budget. They need to be clean with excellent audio. Meaning, do not use the camera microphone, use a lav or overhead mics to capture the audio.

John Hopkins Medicine uses seminar videos to inform and educate. Creation Today uses seminar videos to provide information to their prospects as well. Dr. Harpreet Singh, a local doctor with a mission.  Educated patients are informed patients.

It does not matter what you are selling.  Think about video as a chapter in a book.  You need many chapters per topic.  So what am I saying?  Take a seminar that may be a half hour in length and turn it into a series.  For example I recently took a seminar by Dr. Singh and made twelve videos from the one seminar.

Why would I do that?  Remember the google beast.  It needs to be fed often.  So having many videos from your site on a topic is better than one long video. Plus and very important, attention span.

Duane Weed, Video Producer for DW Video & Multimedia, LLC creates videos for businesses to share their story.  Promotional, Instructional, Training, Testimonials, Video Profiles, Marketing and Brand Identity Videos.  Contact Duane at 231-937-5420.

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Healthcare Seminar

big rapids healthcare seminar

Free Healthcare Seminar at Biggby Coffee – mark your calendars, tell your friends and family!

Dr. Harpreet Singh believes in patient education so he is offering a free healthcare seminar at Biggby Coffee in May and June 2014.


 Dr. Harpreet Singh would like to share the technique of patient education which has helped him tremendously to “win” satisfaction and conviction amongst his patients and their families.

The value of focusing on patient’s experience : before,during and after their time with the Doctor is his ultimate mission.

Stop in and meet this Doctor that has been called the investigator, House with a great personality, he is your advocate.

“I have been working with Dr. Singh since August of 2013” states media producer Duane Weed.  “I have seen him with patients and their families.  He does not fit the mold of the typical doctor.”

Sharing his expertise is what Dr. Singh, MD is all about.  Stop by and learn.  Take a moment and chat with him before or after the seminar.  He is approachable and welcomes your comments and questions.

Hope to see you at his workshop.

For more information contact Dr. Singh at

Looking for a doctor – visit his website.



Checkout this video DW Video produced for Dr. Singh.


[youtube_sc url=”” title=”healthcare%20seminar” rel=”0″]

Healthcare Videos – Big Rapids to Grand Rapids

grand rapids healtcare videos

It is all about your story. Educating patients and promoting your practice means business for you.

At DW Video we have the technical capability to incorporate any type of element into the healthcare videos we produce.  Grand Rapids is now a hub for the medical community. Video is a tool to help educate and promote you.  DW Video’s healthcare videos are created in a format that are visually appealing.  Video does not have to be flashy… it does however need to tell your story. See examples below.

Technically and creatively, we can produce anything you can dream up in a style fitting for your audience.

Educate Patients, Improve Satisfaction, Streamline Treatment, Save Staff Time…. whatever your reason for video – We are here to help.  “Knowing that our videos could help someone is a rewarding experience, however as a video producer I may never know the true impact”, state Duane Weed.  “The goal is to provide the information and work with the client to get their story told.  Everyone has a story to tell and we are telling it.”

Our healthcare video consultant is Dr. Harpreet Singh.  He is available to offer his medical knowledge and creative input.  The man is talented and has many ideas.  A valued part of the DW Video Creative Team.


In this example – patient testimonials.  No one sells you better than a customer. Hear the emotion in her voice.  This is a real-life patient.  Not scripted.  When your smile is worth it, you want to share with others.  This is her story.

[youtube_sc url=”” title=”dr%20scharp” rel=”0″]


As of today April 28, 2014,  DW Video has produced over 60 videos for Dr. Singh.  Patient Testimonials are one way he is getting new patients.  This is a short highlight video we are using on his website… and it is working.

[youtube_sc url=”” title=”dr%20singh%20patient%20testimonials” rel=”0″]


 Activate the patients before they come to you… the specialist, the doctor.  In addition to the numerous patient testimonials DW Video has produced for Dr. Singh.  Patient Education Videos are also very important.  You the healthcare professional are the expert in your field of medicine.  Share it.

[youtube_sc url=”” title=”patient%20education” rel=”0″]



At DW Video & Multimedia, LLC we are here to tell your story and more importantly – to help you.  Contact us today!



Doctor Videos

Getting to know your Doctor is important.  Building trust, respect and confidence is what our Doctor Videos are all about.

Michigan doctor videos

Accepting new patients is a theme for Dr. Harpreet Singh’s doctor videos.

Medical and Healthcare videos are important for educating new and current patients.  It does not matter what branch of the healthcare you are in.  Medical Doctor, Surgeon, Specialist, Dentist, Chiropractor and the list goes on.  You need to promote yourself.  This is done through patient testimonials, patient education and getting to know the doctor video profile.

My goal is telling your story.  In the case of our doctor videos, getting to know a doctor, their specialty and how they are with their patients is what we are looking for.

Since the fall of 2013 I have had the honor of working with Dr. Harpreet Singh and  Our mission: education of patients to help them before they visit the doctor and for a better understanding of what they or a loved one has.  The videos build trust in a number of ways.  They promote Dr. Singh through the testimonials – these are real life patient with real stories – in their own words…. not scripted – Real!  Second, through the patient education videos that Dr. Singh provides shows him as the expert in his field of study – priceless!

At DW Video & Multimedia, LLC we are here to help you!  Call Duane to learn more abut our Doctor Videos –  231-937-5420.



[youtube_sc url=”” title=”accepting%20new%20patients” rel=”0″]



Healthcare and Medical Video Testimonials capture emotion and passion

Healthcare and Medical Video Testimonials capture emotion and passion.  The power of video shines in this video produced by DW Video for Vital Checklist.  At DW Video we specialize in video testimonials for the healthcare and business markets.  Make it real – capture the emotion, the passion with video.

[y.  outube_sc url=”″ autoplay=”1″ rel=”0″]

Barbara is one of Dr.Singh’s patient. Dr.Singh adopted the same methodology as he teaches his USMLE Step 2 CS students. Barbara had gone to numerous doctors and was depressed because of her ailments. Dr.Singh used his checklists to elaborate her history.  This is a real-life patient experience. Informed consent was given by the people in this video.

Dr. Harpreet Singh is the CEO / Founder of Vital Checklist. For more Free Patient Education Videos go to

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