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When your project needs a little extra – Motion Tracking Video Service

Motion Tracking Video Service for Greenville, Big Rapids, Rockford, Cedar Springs and all of West Michigan.  Not far away in Howard City is a local video producer that has been serving the area since 1984.  His name, Duane Weed.  Producing local videos to support business, schools, industry, retail, non-profits and more is his pride and joy.

One service provided by DW Video is motion graphics and motion tracking.  Motion Tracking is where you take an image and track it along a plain giving it a smooth and appealing look.

According to Wikipedia, “In cinematography, match moving (motion tracking) is a cinematic technique that allows the insertion of computer graphics into live-action footage with correct position, scale, orientation, and motion relative to the photographed objects in the shot.

Our Motion Graphic Video Service is customized to meet the needs of our clients.  Not everyone needs this service.  That is fine.  Compare it to the tools in a toolbox.  Not every tool is used all the time.  However, when you need it is the best tool you have.  Offering power and impact to your project.


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Producing videos that meet your needs.  Contact Duane today at 231-937-5420.

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Greenville Video Transfer Services

In addition to our transfer service DW Video also produces TV Commercials, Web Videos, Promotional-Training Videos and designs Websites and Custom Web Applications for Business and Industry.

In addition to our transfer service DW Video also produces TV Commercials, Web Videos, Promotional-Training Videos and designs Websites and Custom Web Applications for Business and Industry.

DW Video provides Greenville Video Transfer Services.  Since 1984 owner Duane Weed, DW Video has been transferring home movies and slides to whatever the current media format is.  It was VHS and now DVD.  For a gift you cannot find in a store, our video transfer service transfers your precious memories, allowing you to share with family and friends. For many years now we also transfer your videotape memories to DVD.  Tape formats include: VHS, VHS-C, SVHS, 8mm, Hi-8mm, Digital 8mm, Mini DV, DVCam, 3/4 inch U-Matic, Betamax, BetaCamSP and yes we even transfer LP’s, reel to reel, 8-tracks and cassettes.

When doing a Video Album you can choose your music, arrange your photos and Duane will produce a video memory that is sure to have you asking for a tissue.

Caring for your memories.  Videotape and Film will not last forever.  DW Video is pleased to offer Greenville Video Transfer Services.  Capturing those memories before they deteriorate and fade forever. We have already seen VHS tapes from the 1980’s that do not work anymore.  Our video transfer service is affordable and all the work is done in-house.



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Greenville Manufacturing Video

Manufacturing companies today need to promote their products and or services, train their employees and market their brand.  There are many ways producing video.  In this Greenville Manufacturing Video we used the tracking effect to accent the titles.

According to “The basic idea behind motion tracking is that video frames can be analyzed in order to follow the position of an object through time. One common use of motion tracking is in video editing, where it can be used to capture the movements of a person or other object. These movements may then be mapped to a computer generated image, as is commonly seen in movies and television shows.”

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Manufacturing Video in Greenville

Using the Camera Jib as a tool in getting great video shots. The Camera Jib was used in the opening shot of  the Greenville Manufacturing Video.


Had a good time producing this Greenville Manufacturing Video – it shows one style of video we can do.  Contact Duane to discuss your next video project.

Since 1984 DW Video & Multimedia, LLC has been serving Greenville and West Michigan with quality, affordable video production.

In regard to Greenville Manufacturing and the website “As Greenville becomes the foundation for economic recovery and development in Michigan, we proudly welcome potential businesses to the Greenville commercial family.  Greenville utilizes various tools such as a state certified industrial park, tax abatements, competitive and full utilities, infrastructure, and other incentives.”

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Fred Meijer discusses growing up in Greenville Michigan

Fred Meijer discusses growing up in Greenville, Michigan. Fred discusses how to treat people along with some very interesting stories. Taken from two interviews, one in 2001, the other in 2006. Fred Meijer, a true retail giant and great person.

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At DW Video we believe in Michigan, promoting areas like Greenville, Grand Rapids and more.  Promoting Michigan Businesses, Communities and People – love it.

Greenville, Michigan is a quaint rural community with the luxuries and services you will only find in significantly larger cities.  We invite you to come and enjoy the commercial, recreation, education and health care facilities of our safe, progressive and vibrant city.

GreenvilleMichigan Meijer

Setting up a great dolly shot at the Greenville Meijer store in Greenville Michigan. Go to and scroll down to Greenville Community to view video.

The City of Greenville prides itself on being a quality of life and service oriented community.  So whether you are here to work, shop or play, Greenville has something for you!

For more information on Greenville Michigan.

This video highlights the type of man Fred Meijer was, his small town roots and his growth.  Video produced by DW Video

Greenville History – Michigan

Lets talk about Greenville History. Every community has a story.  Every community has a history.  Greenville was named in honor of the John Green family that settled here in June of 1844.

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For the Greenville History videos, Duane worked with the Greenville Flat River Museum in producing this video many years ago.  By combining photos and a script written by the museum the history of Greenville Michigan was produced.

DW Video is ready to produce your video… 231 937-5420.

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greenville history

Every community has a story – so does Greenville

Ranney Refrigeration Greenville Michigan

Part of Greenville History is Ranney Refrigeration.

john green greenville history

Greenville was named after the John Green family in 1844.

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