Using Video to reach members

Using Video to reach members is a great way to educate and recruit new members.  We do not capture video at all the meetings.  What we are working on with the Grand Rapids Inventors Network or GRIN, is using video to reach their members with a series of highlights from select meeting throughout the year.  The information provided to the members at these meetings are valuable and attendance is encouraged.

By editing a highlight video or two from each meeting we are able to apply local video marketing techniques to the YouTube videos and gear them at keywords potential members may use to find them.

The opening line in one of the YouTube descriptions states, “Learn how to publish Your game at the Grand Rapids Inventors Network monthly meetings held the second Tuesday of each month at the East Beltline Campus of Western Michigan University. The address is 2333 East Beltline Ave SE Grand Rapids, MI 49534.”

The title of the YouTube video was: Learn how to publish your game.  So in the first paragraph that phrase is used.  Then went on to write in when the meetings were and the location.  This way if someone searching for GRIN, all the main info is in the first paragraph.  Why, think about it for a moment… to make it easy for someone to attend the meeting.

Used the same content in the opening description for the Monthly Meetings Grand Rapids Inventors Network YouTube video.  Focus on keywords and then build the description to make it search engine friendly.

For all of your video and social media production services contact Duane at DW Video.  231-250-9624.  Or visit  For more information on the Grand Rapids Inventors Network go to

Google Site


GRIN Testimonial

Through the power of sharing posts, Casey added a personalized comment and then added info for a call to action to a GRIN event.

At DW Video we preach the importance of testimonials for your business.

Testimonials for your business are important and to be honest, sometimes humbling.  I prefer to promote others, however it is important to keep our promotion going as well. Here are a few nice things people are saying about their experience with DW Video & Multimedia, LLC and Buy Local Michigan.

In the example from Casey, aka ‘The Connector’, he knows how to use social media and sharing. Lets take a look at what I mean.

In his post he personalized his message: Another great video by my friend (we are connected on Facebook so he tagged me) Duane Arthur Weed with (and then tagged my Businesses of which he follows)  DW Video & Multimedia, LLC about the (he also tags the organization he belongs to and for which the video was produced) Grand Rapids Inventors Network product reviews.
(Takes it another step further and adds more information not listed in the original post) We host 4 product reviews every week and see lots of great ideas and prototypes. (Ending with a strong call to action) Join us at the next GRIN meeting –


Linkedin Testimonial

Personalize your post within all forms a social media.

Since we  began our Buy Local Michigan Video Blog back on January 3rd we have been promoting Michigan Businesses, Communities and People we have met some really great Michigan businesses. One of these people is Doug Kliever.  Doug posted on Linkedin and shared his experience being on our Buy Local Michigan Video Blog.

(Personalized message) What a great meeting this week with (we connected on Linkedin after the interview so he tagged me) Duane Weed! (goes on to share his thoughts – powerful and real) He interviewed me this week for his Buy Local Michigan show. Great guy and even better heart. Let me know when I can connect you with him.


Be social, be personal and connect others you know and work with to your network.  Connect with them and make it personal.  It is important to take these opportunities and share within your social media.  I love testimonials.  The next step for me is to get some of these on video to have on my YouTube and other social networks.  Contact Duane at the office 231-937-5420.  

Innovation Talk

Innovation Talk PBS InterviewInnovation Talk – Patrick Center & Mike Suman
February 17, 2015 | WGVU  Inventors using video and multimedia for marketing and promotion. Our guest Tuesday, February 17, 2015 Duane Weed owner of DW Video and how he helps inventors tell their story with video.

Innovation Talk – February 17, 2015 | WGVU

producing video on-line testimonials

For years we have been producing video 0n-line testimonials for others.  It is a humbling experience when the kind words are returned.  Casey DuBois a board member of the Grand Rapids Inventors Network and one of the founding members of GR Makers.  We were at a GRIN meeting and I was recording the presentation on 3D Laser printers… wow, very cool by the way.

At the end of the meeting Casey informed the group of DW Video & Multimedia’s new Buy Local Michigan’s Video Blog.  The following video was unexpected and greatly appreciated.

[youtube_sc url=”” title=”GRIN%20recommends%20DW%20Video” width=”380″ height=”270″ rel=”0″]


DW Video has been producing video 0n-line testimonials for others for use on their websites and social media sites.  Sharing your story with others is important.  Producing video 0n-line testimonials sell your products and services.

producing video on-line testimonials

Buy Local Michigan Video Blog is produced by DW Video & Multimedia, LLC.  Our goal is to promote Michigan Businesses, Communities and People.  Businesses include everyone: Industrial, Manufacturing, Retail, Organizations, Health Care, Non-Profits, Schools, Universities and Professional Services.  Communities include: Cities, Villages, Towns and Tourism.  People include Sports-Political-Actors and anyone doing great works.




Producing video testimonials


Producing Video Testimonials for GRIN… “these are affordable”, states DW Video Owner Duane Weed.

At DW Video we love producing video testimonials and promoting Michigan.  We are working with the Grand Rapids Inventors Network promoting the organization and its members. “Developing a product is a marathon” states John a member of the Grand Rapids Inventors Network. John a Michigan inventor (Johnny Ball) believes you have to believe in your product 100 percent and not give up. The networking possibilities are a great benefit of the organization.

Our approach when producing video testimonials is to keep it real.  These do not have to be expensive and in the case for how we produced the videos for GRIN, the production is hundreds of dollars… not thousands.  Here is the video we produced:

Grand Rapids Inventors Network helps Johnny Ball

[youtube_sc url=”” title=”Johnny%20Ball” rel=”0″]


The goal for GRIN is to build their YouTube Channel and provide a platform not only for the organization and the members.

video production servicesFollow DW Video on facebook, Connect with Duane on Linkedin and check out our blog. At DW Video we provide Video and Media services all over Michigan including the cities of Grand Rapids, Rockford, Reed City, NewaygoMuskegonMount PleasantGreenvilleFremont and Cedar Springs.


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