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KJM Productions

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There are options in marketing your business and one is using Facebook Page as your website.  From Facebook, “Facebook can help you reach all the people who matter most to your business.”  Recently DW Video has been ask to set up a couple facebook pages for clients that wanted to use their page as their website.  When using Facebook Page as your website here is what we did and it is really easy.

First get your domain name.  For the Morley Celebration on the Pond we purchased: and for KJM Productions:

Facebook provides a custom web address as well – “When you set up your Page, you can request a web address like “,” which makes it easy to find. To maximize the impact, include this address on your business card, website and other marketing materials.”

Morley Celebration on the Pond


In both of these cases we used GoDaddy for obtaining our domain name.  Went into each account and instread of direction the domain name to point to web host.  We created a ‘forward’ to point to the custom URL on facebook.

For example: points to and points to

Now these customers can put their personalized website address on their business card.

Now it is important to work the page. Be authentic, Be responsive, Be consistent, Do what works and based on your budget, Make successful posts into successful promotions.

DW Video works with businesses  from Caledonia, Grand Rapids, Rockford, Grand Haven, Muskegon, Cedar Springs, Greenville, Big Rapids and all of Michigan. Contact Duane at 231-937-5420 to discuss  your your marketing and adverting needs.


Grand Rapids Inventors


Grand Rapids Inventors share their experience with GRIN.


Members come from all over West Michigan.

Attention Grand Rapids Inventors, we welcome you to join us as you begin to take a journey from idea to market.  GRIN, as many in the Grand Rapids Inventors Network call it is a growing group of individuals that have invented something and now need help with manufacturing, obtaining a patent, getting funding, marketing, Amazon and more.

As the name states it is more than just Grand Rapids Inventors.  Coming from Big Rapids, Howard City, Rockford, Grand Haven and Muskegon are just a few of the communities GRIN members come from.

I first got involved with GRIN through current President Joe Finkler when I did a couple small projects for his ‘As Seen On TV’ business.  He had heard about me through GRIN member Connie and Bill Larson from Larco Products.  We (DW Video and Joe) began looking at how to market GRIN.  Two videos were produced though having members of the board tell the story of the Grand Rapids Inventors Network.  Here is one of those videos.


[youtube_sc url=”” title=”Grand%20Rapids%20Inventors” rel=”0″]



Grand Rapids Inventors Network is a resource to all who have an idea.


Members share insight that go beyond a scripted production. Keep it real.

Anyone who knows me, knows I like to keep it real.  With social media being a big part of the American public’s routine.  People want to connect with others.  That is the basis of our Buy Local Video Profiles.

We are now marketing GRIN through video testimonials from their members.  At a recent GRIN meeting the process was started – six members shared their story on how GRIN has help them on their inventors journey.  It continues to amaze me the golden nuggets that we get with interviewing members of business and their customers.  Soundbites that are just plain awesome and work to really promote a business, organization, school etc.  We will get a few more and then go into production to produce more videos for YouTube, Social Media and the Grand Rapids Inventors Network website.


GRIN encourages members and provides resources.


No matter what phase of the invention process you are at… GRIN can help.

To all the Grand Rapids Inventors out there – Come attend a meeting  (the first one is free) and find out how they can help you with both your invention idea and with the steps to success as an inventor.  This is a journey and you are not alone.  Why spend thousands of dollars trying to do it yourself.  Reach out to the many mentors that are at every GRIN meeting.  You will be glad you did.

For more information on GRIN visit their website for directions and times.

DW Video is standing by to tell your story.  Contact Duane at 231-937-5420.  

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Grand Rapids Inventors Network

GRIN Video


Landing Pages by Location Based Keywords

Landing Pages by Location Based Keywords

Landing Pages by Location Based Keywords is part of our next 30 day challenge.

The ongoing need to feed the beast I call the Google Monster with Landing Pages by Location Based Keywords.  As mentioned earlier the results of my 90 Day Blog/SEO challenge was successful.  It showed my site beginning to reach key market areas. For what my business does we could be hired and work anywhere.  At times we travel. Realistically my business shines in Michigan.  In general terms a number of communities within that area.

For the next 30 days or so my new challenge is building Landing Pages by Location Based Keywords.  Consider using location-based searches if your main market is in one region.  When searching for a business in your area, search engine users will usually include their location in the search. Otherwise it gives you results from other states, not helpful if you need a roofer now.  So, “home roofing contractor” becomes “home roofing contractor in Howard City Michigan. The more detail you put in your search, the better your results if finding what you need.

So that is what I am doing with each major keyword and location in my market area.  NOTE: Been told by SEO programmers that Google frowns on using the same content on multiple pages with minor changes.  Going back to our ‘home roofing contractor’ we would not place the same info on: ‘home roofing contractor big rapids’ – ‘home roofing contractor reed city’  and ‘home roofing contractor cadillac’  for example.  The Google beast loves content, new and fresh content.  This is where your time will be spent.  Hours and hours working your Landing Pages by Location Based Keywords. Plus do not forget you still need to be blogging as well.  Feed the BEAST.

As we journey through the wonderful world of SEO remember there are numerous ways to work our site organically. Please do not get discouraged.  This is a marathon.  A never-ending marathon.   This 30 day challenge of building Landing Pages by Location Based Keywords is only one technique we decided on based on our 90 day analytic report.  When will I know if this is a good use of time… 30 – 90 days from now.

My goal is  to help you.  You first have to begin with a website that has a great foundation.  Then and only then can we move forward.  This journey is one I am happy to share with you.  Learn from my success and failures.  Need help on your site?  Contact me at 231-937-5420.  We can design and build your site, your foundation and then help you along the path.  Thank you!

DW Video & Multimedia, LLC is a full service video and media production company located in the quiet country side of Howard City.  We service the Michigan communities from Grand Rapids to Grand Haven to Fremont, Big Rapids, Rockford, Greenville, Mount Pleasant, Midland and everything inbetween.  Everyone has a story to tell and DW Video is telling it.

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Landing Page

Reviewed Google Analytics

90 Day Challenge

WordPress Blog and SEO

Google Analytics

90 day website-blog-SEO challenge

90 day website-blog-SEO challenge

In ninety days my site is two and three on page one with the keyword phrase video production big rapids

From April one to July one I did a 90 day website-blog-SEO challenge on my dwvideo site.  According to one of my clients and friends, Dr. Harpreet Singh references Simon Sinek’s Start with the Why of the Problem.  ‘Don’t tell someone what to do – tell them how to do it’ – that is my goal.    The purpose of my challenge was two fold: One is the share the data with you as I learned more and two, for us to feed the Google beast targeted keywords so our SEO grows.

What is the Google beast you ask?  The Google beast thrives on content.  It graves it, wants it, cannot live with it.  So, on your website you need to be Google friendly and feed the content beast.  For my challenge the focus was on feeding the beast through my Blog.  One blog post a day for ninety days.  BTW: Larry and I are still reviewing the data from the ninety days.  From the data we will have the good, bad and ugly.  I promise, this info will be posted as soon as we can.

Why did I start this challenge?  It all began when we changed our website.  We have a new look, feel and direction for the new site.  The problem at first, not a huge problem, was my old site was ranked and I did not want it showing up anymore.

Now back to the results of the challenge.  For one result (and there will be more) lets look at the phrase – video production big rapids.  We are listed two and three.  the second result is from one of my blogs.  The third result is from my landing page.  More on landing pages later.

The 90 day website-blog-SEO challenge is just the start.  Remember when mentioned before the Google beast thrives on content.  Another tip, it is always hungry.  This is what you have to continue to feed with content often.

Was curious that if the site was ranked for the keywords I wondered, “how were my images ranked?”  The images below are from page one, beginning from the top of the page.

image search google

Our images from the same video production big rapids ranked well on the first page.


Duane Weed is a video/media producer that creates videos, websites, web apps to help your business.  DW Video services all of Michigan with our focus on West-Central Michigan communities of Grand Haven, Greenville, Rockford, Grand Rapids, Cedar Springs, Big Rapids, Newaygo, Fremont, Lakeview, Reed City, Midland, Mt Pleasant and everything in-between.  Contact Duane at 231-937-5420.

In future posts we will cover:

target keyword post – video production big rapids

Non targeted key word post – GRIN

Site traffic – where the traffic is coming from

analytic results



find a community that needs my info.  Linkedin communities – for example – I need to comment on these post to grow my ranking.


Grand Rapids Inventors Network-GRIN


Humbled when a customer sends a note like this one.

Sunday June 29 saw on Fox 17 my clients Joe, ‘As seen on TV’, Jennifer, ‘Magnetic Marine Products’ and Grand Rapids Inventors Network-GRIN all highlighted.

According to the Gear Grabbar website,Gear grabbar is a brand new fishing boat accessory, an organization station for your fishing lures and fishing tools. This innovative lure holder suspends your lures by using powerful magnets that are strategically placed to maximize utility and provide a strong lure holding platform. The magnetic lure attachment is both automatic and effortless, while providing a safe single lure release to prevent a hook injury.”

When ask what it took to get the Gear Grabbar product to reality Joe Finkler, President of GRIN states, “The owners of Gear Grabbar had been coming to the Grand Rapids Inventors Network meetings. At these meetings, the second Tuesday of each month, we help inventors get on the path to the yellow brick road.”

Gear grabbar takes fishing lure organization and convenience to an entirely new level by offering you the ultimate in versatility and safety for your fishing lures and tools.

Grand Rapids Inventors Network-GRIN – helps inventors help themselves via networking and experience sharing with other inventors.

GRIN Meeting Location: 2nd Tuesday of the month

Grand Valley State University
Cook-DeVos Center for Health Sciences, Room 119
301 Michigan Street N.E., Grand Rapids, MI 49503

DW Video is West Michigan’s resource for video and media production services.  Grand Haven, Grand Rapids, Rockford, Cedar Springs, Greenville, Mount Pleasant, Midland, Big Rapids and Reed City are a few places we serve. Call Duane 231-937-5420 to help tell your story on Video and on the Web.

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