Motivation for Success

When we talk about motivation for success it can come from anywhere.  From friends, co-workers, an inspiring article or from your family.

Being an alum of Ferris State University, it was a college when I was there, I follow their feeds when this article sparked this motivation for success blog post.

The article can be found at

and deals with the Ferris State Quarterback Jason Vander-Laan and his successes.  What struck me that his motivation to success was inspired by his sisters.  According to the Football Matters article Jason states, “All throughout high school, both of my sisters had 4.0 grade-point averages,” Vander Laan said. “So they kind of set the bar incredibly high. I was always trying to do as good as them.”

What also struck me was the article was not about ‘me’.  It was about how his motivation for success came from his family and the hundred other players on the team.  In business and in life we have to carve our own motivation to success.  What does this look like to you?  What are you doing to better yourself and others.  In a recent conversation with a client he talked about how ‘doing the right thing’ treating people with respect’ and trusting in God has made his success.  For him, yes success has its financial rewards but he was most proud on how he treated others and how his motivation for success was about others, not himself.  Side note, I really enjoy and love my customers.

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Share your story with video

share your story with video testimonials Share your story with video is a powerful tool in today’s media toolbox.  According to Casey DuBois, “Video is ideal for getting the word out and showing off your product and services. Duane has a great way of ‘whippingvideo together, it seems like magic.”

Share your story with video testimonials.  At a recent Grand Rapids Inventors Network meeting Casey shared these fine words:



[youtube_sc url=”” title=”Video%20Testimonial” rel=”0″]


The power of the testimonial is priceless.  When customers share their love for you in a real, non-scripted way… the results are and I will say this again.  Priceless.  The key to making a great video testimonial is making it real and not fake.  These are not actors playing a part, they are your customers sharing their experiences with you. The video testimonial produced by Duane at DW Video capture that emotion, their true feeling for you.  The results are amazing.

A parent of two kids that went to Ferris shares her experience.

[youtube_sc url=”” title=”ferris%20state%20parent%20testimonial” rel=”0″]


Share your story with video testimonials can also build trust.  In this TV spot we produced for Dr Harpreet Singh combines a number of patients sharing their experience.

[youtube_sc url=”” title=”dr%20singh” rel=”0″]


Do not hide your video under a rock.  Share, highlight and shout from the mountain tops your story.  The story produced by Duane at DW Video & Multimedia, LLC.

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