Setting Up Facebook LIVE Keywords

When setting up Facebook LIVE Keywords I have found that after your video is up for rebroadcast go to your computer or laptop and set up some tags to help your video to be found. Facebook LIVE offers many possibilities for promoting and marketing your business.

Before you go live make some announcements letting your followers know when and what you are going to be talking about.

Make some notes or an outline to help with a successful broadcast.  Practice before going LIVE.

It helps if the area you are going to record in is not to loud and distracting.  Unless that is what your video is about.  If within a loud environment look into a LAV microphone or shotgun with a windsock.

Work on a good introduction and call to action. Be yourself and keep it personable. This helps the audience engage with you.

It is important to have a STRONG WiFi connection.

When your broadcast grows and you have followers address them when they come on and do your best to answer their guestions.

Any questions contact Duane at 231-250-9624. Thank you


Buy Local Michigan promotion tips

buy local michigan promotion tips

Buy Local Michigan promotion tips.  Here is a great way to use and promote your Buy Local Michigan video segment.

1) John Rice created a page on his website to promote his video.

2) Created a custom URL with keywords to help his site and our brand.…/

3) On his page wrote a description with a hyperlink back to Buy Local Michigan’s website. – search engines love this.

4) He embedded the video on his page

5) also put a source link. Share your Michigan story – it benefits you! ‪#‎buylocalmi‬

buy local michigan promotion tips facebookJohn also promoted his Buy Local Michigan Video Highlight on his Facebook page.

Sharing on Facebook is important.  Sharing with a description is even better.  Personalize your share to get more people connected. He did this by liking our Buy Local Michigan Facebook page and then linking to it from his page.  He also created a page on his website to draw people in for the video and his services… PRICELESS! At DW Video this is our mission.

Local business has always been at the heart of a community. We want to tell your story with an affordable video that promotes your business, organization and community. Join the Buy Local Michigan movement and
let us share your story today.Call 231-250-9624 for details.

Remember to buy and shop locally!

Join the movement and get involved.

Using Facebook Page as your website

KJM Productions

Check out KJM Productions:

There are options in marketing your business and one is using Facebook Page as your website.  From Facebook, “Facebook can help you reach all the people who matter most to your business.”  Recently DW Video has been ask to set up a couple facebook pages for clients that wanted to use their page as their website.  When using Facebook Page as your website here is what we did and it is really easy.

First get your domain name.  For the Morley Celebration on the Pond we purchased: and for KJM Productions:

Facebook provides a custom web address as well – “When you set up your Page, you can request a web address like “,” which makes it easy to find. To maximize the impact, include this address on your business card, website and other marketing materials.”

Morley Celebration on the Pond


In both of these cases we used GoDaddy for obtaining our domain name.  Went into each account and instread of direction the domain name to point to web host.  We created a ‘forward’ to point to the custom URL on facebook.

For example: points to and points to

Now these customers can put their personalized website address on their business card.

Now it is important to work the page. Be authentic, Be responsive, Be consistent, Do what works and based on your budget, Make successful posts into successful promotions.

DW Video works with businesses  from Caledonia, Grand Rapids, Rockford, Grand Haven, Muskegon, Cedar Springs, Greenville, Big Rapids and all of Michigan. Contact Duane at 231-937-5420 to discuss  your your marketing and adverting needs.


Business Facebook Tagging Tip

Businesss Facebook Tag

On your Business Facebook page go and compose your message.

Business Facebook Tagging Tip – We have been talking about the importance of tagging and sharing from your business Facebook page. Have you been on your business Facebook page and wanted to tag a business or a person.  However, you are not able to tag a customer or business from your page.  I am not an expert in Facebook but the other day I figured out a Business Facebook Tagging Tip that allows you to tag businesses and people.

Many of you may already know this but I figured this out by accident.  Here is my Business Facebook Tagging Tip for the day.

1) Go to your Business Facebook page, log in and compose your message.  Then post it.

2) Now log back in to your personal page.  Find the page you just created and edit that page – as you.  Now when you type in the persons name it will bring it up from your friends or follow list.

Businesss Facebook Tagging Tip

In this example edits were made from my personal page on my DW Video Facbook page. This allows me to tag people and businesses.

3) Save it and now you have tagged people and businesses within your business facebook page.


I will break down the post in this Business Facebook Tagging Tip.  Here is a breakdown of what I changed from my personal account when editing my business page.

Enjoyed a wonderful interview with (From my personal page Mike and I are friends) Mike Malcolm from (From my personal page I have ‘liked’ his page) The Ring Cuff for Buy Local Michigan. Will be editing his video later this week. Keep an eye on (From my personal page I have ‘liked’ my oage) DW Video & Multimedia, LLC for when his will go ‘live’. Remember to Buy and Shop locally. (Facebook allows hashtags so I use my twitter hashtag to help brand my product) ‪#‎buylocalmi‬

Have a question please contact me at 231-937-5420.  This is the office phone and we are not able to text from this number.  I am here to help.


GRIN Testimonial

Through the power of sharing posts, Casey added a personalized comment and then added info for a call to action to a GRIN event.

At DW Video we preach the importance of testimonials for your business.

Testimonials for your business are important and to be honest, sometimes humbling.  I prefer to promote others, however it is important to keep our promotion going as well. Here are a few nice things people are saying about their experience with DW Video & Multimedia, LLC and Buy Local Michigan.

In the example from Casey, aka ‘The Connector’, he knows how to use social media and sharing. Lets take a look at what I mean.

In his post he personalized his message: Another great video by my friend (we are connected on Facebook so he tagged me) Duane Arthur Weed with (and then tagged my Businesses of which he follows)  DW Video & Multimedia, LLC about the (he also tags the organization he belongs to and for which the video was produced) Grand Rapids Inventors Network product reviews.
(Takes it another step further and adds more information not listed in the original post) We host 4 product reviews every week and see lots of great ideas and prototypes. (Ending with a strong call to action) Join us at the next GRIN meeting –


Linkedin Testimonial

Personalize your post within all forms a social media.

Since we  began our Buy Local Michigan Video Blog back on January 3rd we have been promoting Michigan Businesses, Communities and People we have met some really great Michigan businesses. One of these people is Doug Kliever.  Doug posted on Linkedin and shared his experience being on our Buy Local Michigan Video Blog.

(Personalized message) What a great meeting this week with (we connected on Linkedin after the interview so he tagged me) Duane Weed! (goes on to share his thoughts – powerful and real) He interviewed me this week for his Buy Local Michigan show. Great guy and even better heart. Let me know when I can connect you with him.


Be social, be personal and connect others you know and work with to your network.  Connect with them and make it personal.  It is important to take these opportunities and share within your social media.  I love testimonials.  The next step for me is to get some of these on video to have on my YouTube and other social networks.  Contact Duane at the office 231-937-5420.  

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