Video on Facebook vs You Tube Link

Video on facebookWas wondering the other day what the best way to use video on Facebook.  Here are a couple things I found out.

1) Facebook video does show up in Google search.

2) Posting directly in YouTube increases Google search rankings.

Now, does using a You Tube video link on your business facebook page work better than posting video on facebook direct?  According to, video on facebook receive more comments than those via You Tube links. What does that mean to you?  More interaction with your customers and prospects. You can also tag people on Facebook videos.

I will say my research has me scratching my head.  Video on Facebook looks good.  YouTube is a one stop source for video.  Do you want to upload to both?  Do you want to take the time.  Are you using Facebook as your main social page or using other media sites. Facebook maybe more work than what you want to give to this.  YouTube videos are great for overall social media integration.

What I find useful is a combination of video on Facebook and You Tube Videos.  Putting my videos on DW Video You Tube Channel is my first step. Then placing certain ones on my dwvideomultimedia Facebook page is the next.

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