Shares are more visible on Facebook pages than likes

Comment on your shares

Not only ‘like’ the page but ‘share’ as well. Commenting engages others and expands your reach.

Share Key SharingCommenting provides more power than likes so, shares are more visible on Facebook pages than likes – is that true?  Why would that be?

  • Shares are more visible on Facebook pages than likes.
  • You can share a message, a thought and encourage engagement when you share.
  • By sharing it encourage Facebook users to click on your link because you made it social and offered your insight.
  • From my research shares can lead to more traffic

Likes are easy, people can engage quickly and move on with their day.  Shares on the other hand take some thought.  For that reason they are harder to get.  When a person takes the time to engage with your post, they are giving of the one thing that is valuable… their time. However, just like a share can be valuable because someone takes time to post – we all hope for a positive thought.  By posting content on your Facebook the content is exposed to the people that follow your page.  Now imagine people on your site share your post it opens you up to people on their page.  This increases your reach.  Increases your exposure.  Others may see your content that may have never  heard of you before.  It is important to have people both ‘like’ and ‘share’ . On our Buy Local Michigan Video Blog I have noticed just how ‘shares’ expand your message and reach.  The below examples show how sharing really increases the reach of these posts.

facebook shares

Support local business – Share their Posts, Positive Comments on Shares and LIKE their post.

shares and likes

The more shares your post receive the large audience your post receives.

Shares are more visible

Sharing posts increase your potential audience.

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