Local Video Marketing for YouTube Videos

Local Video Marketing for YouTube Videos

youtube videosLocal Video Marketing for YouTube Videos help in getting your videos found in your community. Did you know YouTube Receives around 1 billion searches per day (second only to Google). YouTube receives over 65 million unique visitors every month with unique meaning new people, people that have not been there before! When you are setting up YouTube and your videos it is important to know your goal, avoid sales pitches and use local video marketing to increase your brand on every video you produce.

Local Video Marketing for your YouTube videos is the ideal media for Small & Local Business, and a perfect opportunity for Your Business to reach customers in your sales area.

At DW Video we serve all of Michigan with our main area covering Grand Rapids, Rockford, Cedar Springs, Sparta, Howard City, Lakeview, Carson City, Muskegon, Kent City, Greenville, Big Rapids, Newaygo and Fremont. Grow your West Michigan Business with local video marketing applied to your YouTube Videos.

The importance of local video marketing is a series of videos that keep going and going… just like the energizer bunny.  Multiple videos gear toward your customer to help them, train them, sell to them, show them how to use your products and services.

Since 1984 Duane Weed has been the owner and producer at DW Video & Multimedia, LLC. Duane is also the host of Buy Local Michigan. A video blog promoting Michigan businesses, communities and people.

You Shoot-We Edit Your Videos

Here are some basic tips for our You Shoot-We Edit Your Videos service:
* When shooting video learn to get the best camera angles for each moment.
* Learn when to use more close-ups and medium shots than wide shots.
* Follow the action and teach yourself to shoot from many angles to make it easier to edit later.
* There are many techniques for shooting better video, it comes down to what works best for your products and services.
* Know your audience and what they want to see.
* Keep it simple.
* Make sure it looks like the quality a business like yours should have.

You Shoot - we editThe editing process can be complicated at times. A script or outline is needed to keep us all on-task. When editing it is about selecting and arranging your video shots into a final production. We remove any unwanted video and foucs on your best selections. The editing process includes adding music, graphics, stock video and images as needed for the best outcome for your video. The final is the best product from your video.

At DW Video we take your camera footage and edit it into a video ready for YouTube. In many cases the customer sits with us during the edit. With the You Shoot-We Edit Your Videos service you are the producer. We provide our decades of experience to help you get the best end product from the video you provided. service. Call Duane at 231-937-5420 to learn more.   https://dwvideo.com

Promoting Michigan with our Video Blog

promoting michigan video blogPromoting Michigan with our new Video Blog.   My goal with this program is to help promote Michigan Businesses, Communities and People with all they do in our Great Lake State.

The format for our Promoting Michigan Video Blog is to have each episode around 2-3 minutes in length.  We want to get to know you – what you do – and provide a way for our viewers to contact you and of course to do business with you.  Our theme is all about you.  Due to short attention spans on-line, I am keeping the Promoting Michigan Video Blog simple, short and to the point.

Interested in being on the show?  Call me at 231-937-5420.  We will book a time and have you come to our studio and record your interview. Next, provide us with 8-10 photos that represent your business, organization or non-profit.  From there we will edit your segment and provide you a link and embed code to place the video on your website and your social media sites.  I will also place it on my youtube channel and website to help promote you with links back to you.

It is all about being social.  We want you to  ‘LIKE’ our dwvideomultimedia Facebook page – follow us.  Comment on our post about you.  Share DW Video with others.  In this world of social media we need to work together to promote Michigan businesses, communities and people. In turn we want to ‘Like’ your Facebook page and share with others. Teamwork!

For all your video and media production needs remember DW Video & Multimedia at 231-937-5420 today and  schedule your interview on Buy Local Michigan

Need to use our studio or have DW Video produce your VBlogs?  Contact me at 231-937-5420 or connect on Linkedin. 



video blogger

Michigan video bloggerSo you want to be a video blogger? At DW Video & Multimedia we are in production for our soon to be released video blog. So we are going to add video blogger to our list of titles.

As part of our marketing campaign I was looking at ways to increase our business and to help people. After some research Video blogging became very appealing to me. My passion has been helping people promote their business, organization and non-profit.  In addition loving promoting Michigan.  So, in the next couple weeks we are beginning our path as a video blogger and promoting Michigan businesses, communities and people.  More info to come.

So back to the question, So you want to be a video blogger?  Here are some helpful tips in creating your program.

First, you need content. What is your expertise?  What can you bring to the table and share that will help teach and inform others on how to do something?  This process is a marathon and you need to have content that is on-going.

How are you going to do this?  For our method we are setting up a new YouTube channel, going to setup a page on our website and use other social media networks to share our message.

Once you have the content and delivery method taken care of.  Lets now look at some basic equipment needs.

zoomAUDIO: I believe that audio is 90% of a great video.  Look for a camcorder that comes with a MIC input and then buy an external microphone.  You can get a Lav mic for the best audio for your video blog. The key here is to get the microphone as close as you can

If you have a camera that does not have a MIC in, you can record the audio on a separate audio recorder like the Zoom H4n Handy Recorder which I have  and merge the audio with video in editing program.

VIDEO: For a basic camera the Zoom Q4 has an external mic input that would be ideal for what you need.  I have one of these cameras and use it for behind the scenes shots all the time.

Need to use our studio or have DW Video produce your Video Blogs?  Contact me at 231-937-5420 or connect on Linkedin. 



Big Rapids Ferris State University

Big Rapids-Ferris State University

FSU markets through videos – By Cortney Erndt Pioneer Staff Writer. bigrapidsnews.com

Big Rapids Ferris State University is trying a new marketing strategy this school year – the power of video and visual appeal.  In May, the Department of Enrollment Services contracted DW Video & Multimedia, LLC, to produce three videos to market the university. The completed videos have been entitled, “Welcome to Ferris,” “Campus Life” and “Bulldog Parent Testimonial.”

“One of the things we’ve been trying to do is to provide visitors with as much flavor of the campus as possible,” said Kristen Salomonson, FSU’s dean of Enrollment Services, and director of Admission and Records. The most influential experience for prospective students is their campus tour, Salomonson said.

Last year, the university put together a committee to maximize the experience of visitors after hearing feedback. “Some visitors said they didn’t get as much of a flavor of campus as they would have liked,” Salomonson said. “We asked ourselves, ‘When visitors come to campus, how do they feel? Were all their questions answered?’

The committee questioned how the enrollment department could make a visit to FSU a special experience that people will remember, Salomonson said. The committee decided to create and present videos that encompass what FSU offers. “The main purpose of the videos is to be used during campus tours,” said Duane Weed, video producer of DW Video & Multimedia,
LLC. “Tours begin with a presentation at Williams Auditorium. The videos give PowerPoint presentations a huge boost.”

Weed began the video-creation process by researching other videos, he said. “As the producer, my main goal was to make the video real – not scripted,” Weed said. “We wanted to tell the story through interviews. The team agreed and the process of setting up interviews and video capture began.”

However, the department and Weed faced a challenge – many of the university’s visitors are not prospective students.  “Many of our visitors are parents,” Salomonson said. “So, we decided to do some video to relate to them as well.”

Lindsey Cuddeback, FSU admissions coordinator on social media, and Jason Daday, FSU admissions representative, helped Weed set up interviews with parents, students and professors.

“A key element in any production is teamwork and communication,” Weed said. “I spent nearly 40 hours of producing, making phone calls, scheduling and setting up shots all before the cameras were even taken out of their cases.”

Weed called on members of his creative team, including Dan Salas, Frank Krywicki and Ben Slater, to begin capturing on-location video. “Captured video resulted in nearly a half
terabyte of raw footage and 10 days of video capture,” Weed said. “Frank and I spent around 80 hours of editing.” A terabyte is a large unit of stored information, equal to 1,024 gigabytes.

The cost of contracting DW Video & Multimedia, LLC, was between $4,000 and $5,000, Salomonson said.

“We felt it was very cost effective because we can use the videos in a variety of ways,” Salomonson said. “We were really attracted to working with Duane because he is a Ferris alumnus and did a lot of previous work in the community.”

The range of cost is based on how much work is put into creating the videos, Weed said. “The number of days of on-location video capture, scripting, producing, graphics, motion
graphics, animation, editing, encoding and authoring the final video are key items to consider,” Weed said.

Videos produced by Weed typically range between $500 and $10,000, he said. “We live in a media-driven world and video is a key element in how a message is delivered,” Weed said. “Video has an impact for all businesses, nonprofits and schools. Telling their story in a short amount of time is important.”

Video can reach a larger audience compared to other marketing strategies, Weed said. Other key factors include print, billboards, radio and TV.

The three videos can be found here.

FSU markets through videos – By Cortney Erndt Pioneer Staff Writer. bigrapidsnews.com

Big Rapids Ferris State University: check out our other blog posts:

Welcome to Ferris

Campus Life

Bulldog Parent Testimonial

We also produced a fun Behind the Scenes video on the making of the Ferris Videos.

Promote your business with video, contact Duane at 231-937-5420 to discuss your projects.

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