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rockford websiteRockford Website – It began as a way to solve a problem.  Lynn Benson, educator and swim coach saw a need for a portable submersible sports clock and counter.  Her vision turned into the portable submersible sports clock & counter  manufactured in the state of Michigan, U.S.A.  Welcome to Splash Count.

This Rockford website was produced by DW Video & Multimedia, LLC.  We first produced the video for Splash Count for their old website.  When it came time to update the site Lynn came to us to produce the site.

The video used a combination of Lynn explaining the product coupled with a video testimonial and surrounded by video captured with a Go Pro using a 3-axis stabilizer.

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SplashCountt-websiteWhen Lynn came to DW Video, Duane turned to website and graphic artist, Johnny B.  Photography of the product was our first step.  The site uses these photos to show off the product. The header image uses a stock image of a gal and Johnny B combined a few images to show off the product.

Every business has an image.  Our goal was to provide Splash Count with a professional looking site.

According to the Splash Count website, “The Splash Count™  is a portable, waterproof submersible digital sports clock, timer and sports team counter. Our versatile product has many applications including use in classrooms, timed conferencing, swimming, soccer, basketball, biking, triathlon, fitness, coaching, personal training, exercise circuits, speed dating, game timer, and game scores.”

Contact Duane at 231-937-5420 for all your video and website needs.

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Seminar Videos

seminar videos youtube

Produce your seminar videos and use YouTube as a platform to reach your audience.

Seminar Videos are one way you can share your expertise to prospects and customers.  Lately we have been doing a lot of work in the health care area, however the concepts go to any business.

When we say seminar videos this can mean a number of things.  One, you do not need to go out on a speaking tour and have DW Video capture all your seminars.  Sidenote: Yes, we can do this if you are a keynote speaker.  Second, The seminar videos can be done in your place of business or at our studio in Howard City. It is all about feeding the Google Beast, your prospects and customers with good quality information.

These videos do not need to be expensive and done with a high production budget. They need to be clean with excellent audio. Meaning, do not use the camera microphone, use a lav or overhead mics to capture the audio.

John Hopkins Medicine uses seminar videos to inform and educate. Creation Today uses seminar videos to provide information to their prospects as well. Dr. Harpreet Singh, a local doctor with a mission.  Educated patients are informed patients.

It does not matter what you are selling.  Think about video as a chapter in a book.  You need many chapters per topic.  So what am I saying?  Take a seminar that may be a half hour in length and turn it into a series.  For example I recently took a seminar by Dr. Singh and made twelve videos from the one seminar.

Why would I do that?  Remember the google beast.  It needs to be fed often.  So having many videos from your site on a topic is better than one long video. Plus and very important, attention span.

Duane Weed, Video Producer for DW Video & Multimedia, LLC creates videos for businesses to share their story.  Promotional, Instructional, Training, Testimonials, Video Profiles, Marketing and Brand Identity Videos.  Contact Duane at 231-937-5420.

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NetPlus Connections

NetPlus Connections

Telling the Ken Fortier story on video and sharing with others provides a way to get his message out to the world.

According to Ken Fortier, “NetPlus Connections is in the business of empowering individuals and companies to develop more effective, more authentically personal business connections.” His approach is to know others and let them know you. Ken Fortier is a Keynote Speaker, Author and Co Founder of NetPlus Connections located in Grand Rapids, Michigan.

The team at NetPlus Connections states on their website, “Everyone says they care, but almost no one shows it. When you prove you care, you earn other’s trust, fast. Often the most efficient way to accomplish what you’re trying to accomplish is to help other people accomplish what they’re trying to accomplish. Especially when how you help is not immediately self-serving.”  This last part, “when how you help is not immediately self-serving” has proven itself over and over again with NetPlus Connections insights.

I have heard Ken speak, have sat in on his class and what Ken, Matt and the NetPlus Connections team is doing is helpful to everyone in business and personal life. Need a dynamic speaker to inspire your team or entertain your next professional event? Ken is available to help with talks about authentic connections, communication, and more…

Contact Ken at 616-262-0813 .

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DW Video & Multiomedia, LLC produces Ken’s videos and is ready to tell your story on video.  Duane can be reached at 231-937-5420.  Remember to buy and shop locally.

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Ken Fortier-NetPlus Connections

Ken Fortier


Ken Fortier-NetPlus Connections, Keynote Speaker, Author and co-founder is ready to connect with you.

Ken Fortier-NetPlus Connections ask the question, “How effective are you and your team at building authentic connections when you’re out networking, meeting a prospect for the first time, or even engaging your coworkers and direct reports?” The answer is why Ken Fortier, Keynote Speaker, Author and Co Founder of NetPlus Connections loves what he does and it shows.

When looking at Ken Fortier-NetPlus Connections, you see a business person.  However, just below the surface you will see a storyteller, a storyteller that wants to connect with you.  More importantly a storyteller that wants you, your business and organization to connect with others.  He is infectious in his speaking.  He tells the story and gives you ways to connect with co-workers, prospects, co-workers and family members.

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Choosing Ken Fortier-NetPlus Connections to speak at your event is the right choice.


According to Ken Fortier and his website, “NetPlus Connections is in the business of empowering individuals and companies to develop more effective, more authentically personal business connections. ”  To get to know him he lives this, this is what drives him everyday and thankfully he is willing to share with others.

Connections Matter – Connect with the Ken Fortier and the team at NetPlus Connections.



DW Video & Multiomedia, LLC produces Ken Fortier’s videos and is ready to tell your story on video.  Duane can be reached at 231-937-5420.  Remember to buy and shop locally.

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Ken Fortier – NetPlus Connections


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