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share your story with video testimonials Share your story with video is a powerful tool in today’s media toolbox.  According to Casey DuBois, “Video is ideal for getting the word out and showing off your product and services. Duane has a great way of ‘whippingvideo together, it seems like magic.”

Share your story with video testimonials.  At a recent Grand Rapids Inventors Network meeting Casey shared these fine words:



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The power of the testimonial is priceless.  When customers share their love for you in a real, non-scripted way… the results are and I will say this again.  Priceless.  The key to making a great video testimonial is making it real and not fake.  These are not actors playing a part, they are your customers sharing their experiences with you. The video testimonial produced by Duane at DW Video capture that emotion, their true feeling for you.  The results are amazing.

A parent of two kids that went to Ferris shares her experience.

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Share your story with video testimonials can also build trust.  In this TV spot we produced for Dr Harpreet Singh combines a number of patients sharing their experience.

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Do not hide your video under a rock.  Share, highlight and shout from the mountain tops your story.  The story produced by Duane at DW Video & Multimedia, LLC.

Call Duane at 231-937-5420 and share your story with video – call today.


Seminar Videos

seminar videos youtube

Produce your seminar videos and use YouTube as a platform to reach your audience.

Seminar Videos are one way you can share your expertise to prospects and customers.  Lately we have been doing a lot of work in the health care area, however the concepts go to any business.

When we say seminar videos this can mean a number of things.  One, you do not need to go out on a speaking tour and have DW Video capture all your seminars.  Sidenote: Yes, we can do this if you are a keynote speaker.  Second, The seminar videos can be done in your place of business or at our studio in Howard City. It is all about feeding the Google Beast, your prospects and customers with good quality information.

These videos do not need to be expensive and done with a high production budget. They need to be clean with excellent audio. Meaning, do not use the camera microphone, use a lav or overhead mics to capture the audio.

John Hopkins Medicine uses seminar videos to inform and educate. Creation Today uses seminar videos to provide information to their prospects as well. Dr. Harpreet Singh, a local doctor with a mission.  Educated patients are informed patients.

It does not matter what you are selling.  Think about video as a chapter in a book.  You need many chapters per topic.  So what am I saying?  Take a seminar that may be a half hour in length and turn it into a series.  For example I recently took a seminar by Dr. Singh and made twelve videos from the one seminar.

Why would I do that?  Remember the google beast.  It needs to be fed often.  So having many videos from your site on a topic is better than one long video. Plus and very important, attention span.

Duane Weed, Video Producer for DW Video & Multimedia, LLC creates videos for businesses to share their story.  Promotional, Instructional, Training, Testimonials, Video Profiles, Marketing and Brand Identity Videos.  Contact Duane at 231-937-5420.

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Promote Patient Education

An innovative, smart 5K run where our focus is to Activate Patients, Promote Patient Education and help Improve Patient Experience. If you cannot run, you may walk, or just benefit yourself by attending the *FREE* Health and Wellness Seminar.

The Healthy, Wealthy and Wise 5K
Healthy – By Walking/Running in 5k
Wealthy – By Saving Health Care dollars
Wise – By Providing Patient Education

DW Video has been working with Dr. Singh, Gagan Pal Singh, Kathy Murphy and Lena Chizek as we work to Activate Patients, Promote Patient Education and help Improve Patient Experience.  We would like to thank the following for helping with the video: Nick and Denise – Different by Design, Jim and Gail  – Gail Wyatt Realtor  and members of the Big Rapids High School Cross Country team.  Thank You!!!

[youtube_sc url=”” title=”iCrush%205K” rel=”0″]


“Sign up for the iCrush 5K, where you can join this new health care movement! The race will begin November 9,  2014 in Big Rapids. Proceeds go to The Helen DeVos Children’s Hospital.”

Activate Patients, Promote Patient Education and help Improve Patient Experience is the direction Vital  Checklist and the team is moving and promoting.


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iCrush 5K

Dr. Harpreet Singh

iCrush 5K – Big Rapids

Dr. Singh MD


 Contact DW Video to promote, produce and tell your story – 231-937-5420.

Dr Harpreet Singh

dr harpreet singh

Dr Harpreet Singh and Duane Weed, DW Video & Multimedia, discuss with Denise what is needed for video shoot.

Dr Harpreet Singh came into my life in August of 2013.  I remember meeting with him at the coffee shop in Big Rapids.  Our meeting was to discuss his video needs.  At that point for the past 29 years these meetings are about getting to know each others needs.  He ask me a couple questions and immediately began sharing his vision.  I was brought into his team that day and have enjoyed not only his business, but his friendship as well.  Dr Harpreet Singh is a visionary.  He has a plan and is doing all he can to grow his business Vital Checklist.

I find it amazing how God has guided my life and put me in front of people, people with a vision. People that need my services to help grow their business and in some cases really help others.

Vital Checklist mission is patient education as well as training doctors to care for their patients better.  Dr Harpreet Singh is all about mnemonics.  iCrush is a key in his teaching of patients to take better care of themselves.  iCrush: Diabetes, Obesity, Smoking to name a few.  This vision has led him to his first 5K event on November 9th in Big Rapids.  iCrush 5K encompasses his message.  Having a short seminar before the event begins opens the door for runners, walkers and guest to learn first hand from this awesome man and doctor… Dr Harpreet Singh.

Come out and join us on November 9th in Big Rapids for our first iCrush 5k event,  The focus is patient education with the proceeds going to the Helen DeVoss Childrens Hospital in Grand Rapids.

DW Video & Multimedia is proud to be part of the Vital Checklist / iCursh team.  Go to to sign up.

Need a video, website or marketing materials to tell your story… contact Duane at 231-937-5420.   We are here to help.



Healthcare Seminar

big rapids healthcare seminar

Free Healthcare Seminar at Biggby Coffee – mark your calendars, tell your friends and family!

Dr. Harpreet Singh believes in patient education so he is offering a free healthcare seminar at Biggby Coffee in May and June 2014.


 Dr. Harpreet Singh would like to share the technique of patient education which has helped him tremendously to “win” satisfaction and conviction amongst his patients and their families.

The value of focusing on patient’s experience : before,during and after their time with the Doctor is his ultimate mission.

Stop in and meet this Doctor that has been called the investigator, House with a great personality, he is your advocate.

“I have been working with Dr. Singh since August of 2013” states media producer Duane Weed.  “I have seen him with patients and their families.  He does not fit the mold of the typical doctor.”

Sharing his expertise is what Dr. Singh, MD is all about.  Stop by and learn.  Take a moment and chat with him before or after the seminar.  He is approachable and welcomes your comments and questions.

Hope to see you at his workshop.

For more information contact Dr. Singh at

Looking for a doctor – visit his website.



Checkout this video DW Video produced for Dr. Singh.


[youtube_sc url=”” title=”healthcare%20seminar” rel=”0″]

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