Deer Ranch St Ignace – Coolest Video Shoot

One of the coolest videos shoots I have been on was at the Deer Ranch St Ignace.  The Deer Ranch in St. Ignace, Michigan, is known as the oldest live whitetail exhibit in North America.  A great family experience where you can see Michigan Whitetail Deer and fawns including white deer all in a natural setting which you can photograph and feed while walking along a nature trail.

St Ingance Deer Ranch

Getting an opportunity to pet this young buck I found his antlers to be very hot to touch.

Deer Ranch

He loved to be petted.

Now what made this so cool.  This young buck made his way to use to be our star.  Once the camera was off, I was able to pet this guy.  It was like petting a cat.  The more you scratched it behind the ears, the more it would rub against my body.  At times lifting me up – the whitetail deer is very strong.  This buck was in velvet.  Very soft to the touch and when you rubbed its antlers – it loved it.


Once tidbit I found interesting and I guess I knew this without knowing this (if that makes any sense) – their antler when in velvet are very hot to the touch.  Like a young child with a high temp.  This makes perfect sense as there is blood flowing under the velvet.  I guess until I touched it myself – that correlation never hit my brain waves.  Any ways – really cool.


According to the Deer Ranch St Ignace website, “The Deer Ranch in St. Ignace first opened in 1950. Since then, the Deer Ranch has grown to include: whitetails, white whitetails and albino deer.”  All I know is it was a blast and an experience I was able to share with my son. Priceless…. all in Pure Michigan!

 St Ignace Deer Ranch

My son getting his turn to pet this young buck.

 St Ignace Deer Ranch

Interviewing the owner . Check out the big guy behind him – wow!

 The Deer Ranch in St. Ignace, Michigan, is known as the oldest live whitetail exhibit in North America.

 St Ignace Deer Ranch Buck

Is this camera for me!

Big Young Buck

To all the hunters – would you like to see this in this in the woods?

Whitetail Buck

This is one of the coolest video shoots…. ever!

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