Integrity in business and personal life

Integrity in business and personal lifeIntegrity in business and personal life.  Who am I to talk about this topic.  I do not have a PhD or have a masters in Psychology (the scientific study of the human mind and its functions, especially those affecting behavior in a given context.).   There is a believe system.  Knowing the difference between right and wrong and over time how to deal more with people and know the importance of integrity in business and personal life.

I love technology! Well, realistically however it is a love – hate relationship with technology. Why is a video/media producer talking about integrity?  Recently had a client that was not 100% satisfied with what we provided her.  Through multiple attempts to gather information we just had a communication problem. This became apparent from an email.  Well lets just say one did not have to read between the lines to understand where she was coming from.

First off, I am not perfect, never have claimed to be and will take responsibility for my actions… even if I am in the wrong.  This I blame on my parents. (note- sarcasm)

Our first instinct when receiving any type of conflict is to immediately go into a defensive position.  How dare they say this or that. Our first thought is replying to the email and in great detail countering every point and item on their list with a reason why.  This takes so much time and effort as you want to say it just right.  Remember, how dare they say that about me and my business.

Now STOP! Breath, step back and re-read.  For me it came after a second email had been sent.  For which my response included two quick points along with ‘we should meet’.  I will not play the game of he said, she said over email.  Email has no emotion.  It can take your thought and come across in a totally different way. So, responding with, “I will not go over these issues in a an email – we need to meet, where and when?” was the right thing to do.
We all have known someone that will take hours responding in a carefully crafted email only to find out they come back with more objections and before you know it – feelings are hurt, things are said and you have lost that person as a customer or friend.
Is it worth it?  No is the answer.  Step up and be accountable to your actions. Yes, even if you were in the wrong.  Look for a solution, think of how it affects you and your customer.
The day of the meeting I had thoughts of how bad this could turn out.  Knowing inside I had an answer for every observation she had and further more, a damn good answer for all of it. But, knowing that I was not going to be defensive and knowing there was a reasonable solution that will come from this meeting, I turned it over to God.  Yes, through faith I knew if by listening and talking, not shouting we could come to a conclusion.
A solid conclusion we did.  We are still doing business together and will continue to support each other, both in business and as friends.  Integrity in business and personal life is not always easy.  I remember the look on their face when they sat down as I thanked them for coming and that this is not an email thing.  The husband stated he respected that and even mentioned that it showed integrity on my part.  Okay, now you know why I titled this post – Integrity in business and personal life.
What does this have to do with video?  Nothing!  Sometimes we just need to step back and know we are dealing with people.  As I have told my Boy Scouts and students – adapt and modify.  Thank you,
Duane Weed is owner and producer/director at DW Video & Multimedia.  He can be reached at 231-937-5420.
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