Another way of posting your job listings

job listings MichiganLets look at another way of posting your job listings. This is just like our Buy Local Video Profiles where you tell your story about the business or organization. The twist is working in your job posting.

Why? Currently you have job postings where the text at times go on and on. I swear some people think the more words the better. NO, that is not true.

Today, you are looking for the person or person(s) that are the right fit for your company. Enticing that person to want to work for you. This approach also improves your company image.

For years I have been preaching the need to tell your story. Make it personal, connect with people. Not with hype or flash. But through making it real. Being social is what we are looking for. Talk with people, not at them… Share!

Enhance your job listings. Lets look at some simple yet effective ways of doing this.

Begin by having your HR, CEO or Service Manager welcome the person watching the video.

  • Having one of your best employees demonstrate the job is important. People are visual and being shown what is expected is key.
  • Determine what the most important aspects of the job are and focus on these. Keeping it to 3-5 areas is best.
  • Show the action that the job requires. A series of close-ups and variety of angles shows the requirements for the position.
  • Whenever possible have current employee’s share their experiences. Make it real, keep the content focused.
    1. What do they like best?
    2. What challenges does the position require?
    3. Share a tip or two.
  • Good potential employee’s have choices, why should they work for you?

In our next post I will share some ideas to use video to your benefit. For increased exposure not only for getting new employee’s but for overall promotion for your company and organization.

 Contact Duane at 231-937-5420.

Camilles on the River-Mount Pleasant Michigan

Camilles on the River-DW-Video

Camilles on the River is located in Mount Pleasant.

DW Video and KJM Productions produced a television commercial for Camilles On The River-Mount Pleasant Michigan.  Kathy Murphy from KJM Productions is a creative wonder when it comes to writing, producing and buying air time for broadcast television and radio.

When producing a video profile it is important to know why you are doing the video.  Now that may be a Mr. Obvious remark but are you selling, informing, training and or introducing a new product or service.

Knowing the purpose for producing a profile video is the first step in assuring that you have an effective and beneficial video.  Contact Duane if you have any questions – 231-937-5420.

Here is the Television Spot:

[youtube_sc url=”″ title=”Camilles%20on%20the%20river%20-%20tv%20commercial” rel=”0″]


Camilles on the River-Mount Pleasant Michigan

Kathy Murphy and Duane Weed team up to create awesome videos that mean business.

Combining a TV Commercial spot with a Buy Local Video Profile is a great way to save money.  Camilles on the River-Mount Pleasant Michigan  is a 45-seat intimate restaurant featuring regional and seasonal flavors combined with upscale comfort food. The restaurant also has a space for small private dinners as well as a martini lounge with specialty cocktails and small plates.

It is important to keep your profile real.  Social media today works because people want to connect with other people.  Keeping it real allows people to get to know you, your company and services.



Here is the Buy-Local Video Profile Spot:

[youtube_sc url=”” title=”Buy%20Local%20Video%20Profile” rel=”0″]


Camilles on the River-Mount Pleasant

Telling your story is our gift – LIKE us on Facebook dwvideomultimedia

Camilles on the River-Mt Pleasant

Welcome to Camilles – Cheers!


Any questions on what is needed to produce your video profile, Duane is ready to help you.  Call 231-937-5420.



Buy Local Video Profiles promoting Michigan


buy local video

Buy Local Video Profiles work for everyone that has a story to tell.

Buy Local Video Profiles promoting Michigan companies, medical, schools, churches, non-profits and retail businesses. Marketing research shows that more and more people are shopping online every day… but they still prefer to buy in person. The caliber of on-line advertising is benefiting from advances in technology that make it practical and increasingly affordable for local merchants to run video profiles right on their websites.

Buy Local Video Profiles” provides a business or organization opportunities to increase their exposure on the web while using video to increase profits.

The Buy Local Video Profiles begin with a series of questions.  Your CEO, Sales Force, Customers tell your story. We then capture video to support the interviews. Then it is back to the studio to edit and produce the Buy-Local Video Profile, Your profile is then uploaded to YouTube, Vimeo and Social Media sites.

DW Video & Multimedia, LLC Buy Local Video Profiles promoting Michigan businesses, communities and people.  Call Duane at (231) 937-5420.

video profiles michigan

Everyone has a story to tell… our Buy Local Video Profiles are ideal for everyone.



Michigan Craft Breweries-Rockford-Grand Rapids-Mt Pleasant

Michigan Craft Breweries from Rockford-Grand Rapids-Mt Pleasant to all over Michigan.  We are DW Video & Multimedia, LLC., your resource for producing videos that tell your story.  Our Buy Local Video Profile allows people to know your name, learn about your products and services.  Not to mention using the Buy Local Video Profile for testimonials.  Ideal way to tell the story of Michigan Craft Breweries… yours!

In this video example – We begin with Mid Michigan’s #1 Steakhouse, Brewery and Wine Shop featuring hand cut steaks, award winning ribs, fine micro brews and a vast wine selection of over 300 different wines – welcome to Mountain Town Station in Mt. Pleasant Michigan.

[youtube_sc url=”” title=”Michigan%20Craft%20Breweries%20″ rel=”0″]


Does not matter if you are in Rockford, Grand Rapids, Mt Pleasant or anywhere around our state, we enjoy working with Michigan Craft Breweries.  p.s Does not hurt we enjoy the product as well.

We know you may not want to be on-camera.  We understand.  John and Jen felt the same way – hear what they have to say about how we helped them tell their story.  P.s. this is not a Michigan Craft Breweries company – they manufacture and sell a product to the fishing industry.  And we all know fisherman enjoy a nice cold Pure Michigan beverage.

[youtube_sc url=”″ title=”Video%20Testimonial” rel=”0″]


Michigan Craft Breweries

Mountain Town Station, in Mt. Pleasant Michigan uses Buy Local Video Profiles to tell their story

Give Duane a call today to discuss telling your story 231-937-5420.  Mountain Town Station videos were produced by Kathy Murphy from KJM Productions in Shepherd.  All video production by DW Video.  The Buy Local Video Profile can be produced as a broadcast TV Commercial as well.

According to Alcohol Professor dot com  “Based on the number of breweries per capita, Michigan is the nation’s fifth largest craft beer state in terms of the number of brewpubs, breweries, and microbreweries. The ‘Great Lakes State’ is also home to the reigning ‘Beer City USA,’ Grand Rapids. ”


Attorney Website Videos -Big Rapids-Traverse City-Grand Rapids

Attorney website videos are ideal to inform prospects on the various services your firm offers and provides. In the below example attorney Mara Raven Spence, from the Jordan Balkema Elder Law Center discusses guardians or conservators.

[youtube_sc url=”” title=”attorney%20website%20videos” rel=”0″]

big rapids attorney website videos

Guardians and conservators make decisions regarding the personal and financial affairs, respectively, of such incapacitated persons.

Mara Raven Spence focuses on probate and trust administration.  The Buy Local Video Profile work great for attorney website videos.

At the Jordan Balkema Elder Law Center they help you understand the laws and in setting up the proper course of action when dealing with guardians, trusts and wills.  From the video profile and the Elder Law Center website you learn: What is a Fiduciary? Are there any alternatives to a Guardian / Conservator? What are the powers and duties of a Guardian? Does a Guardian receive compensation? We are dealing with personal issues.  DW Video‘s Buy Local Video Profiles provide a personal touch to providing information to prospects and customers.

Attorney Spence does a nice job of personalizing the message. She also goes on to state, “If you are appointed a conservator you must file an inventory with the probate court within 56 days of your appointment.  You must also file an annual report with the court that explains the finances throughout that year, and that must be served on all of the interested person in the matter: “what are my rights as a beneficiary through a will or trust?”

Good information, personal touch, get to know the attorney that will be helping you…. priceless.  It is important that the conservator who wishes to be compensated keep accurate time records and be able to demonstrate to the court that the services
were both necessary and beneficial.  To learn more contact the Jordan Balkema Elder Law Center at 1-800-395-4347.



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