Local Video Marketing for YouTube Videos

Local Video Marketing for YouTube Videos

youtube videosLocal Video Marketing for YouTube Videos help in getting your videos found in your community. Did you know YouTube Receives around 1 billion searches per day (second only to Google). YouTube receives over 65 million unique visitors every month with unique meaning new people, people that have not been there before! When you are setting up YouTube and your videos it is important to know your goal, avoid sales pitches and use local video marketing to increase your brand on every video you produce.

Local Video Marketing for your YouTube videos is the ideal media for Small & Local Business, and a perfect opportunity for Your Business to reach customers in your sales area.

At DW Video we serve all of Michigan with our main area covering Grand Rapids, Rockford, Cedar Springs, Sparta, Howard City, Lakeview, Carson City, Muskegon, Kent City, Greenville, Big Rapids, Newaygo and Fremont. Grow your West Michigan Business with local video marketing applied to your YouTube Videos.

The importance of local video marketing is a series of videos that keep going and going… just like the energizer bunny.  Multiple videos gear toward your customer to help them, train them, sell to them, show them how to use your products and services.

Since 1984 Duane Weed has been the owner and producer at DW Video & Multimedia, LLC. Duane is also the host of Buy Local Michigan. A video blog promoting Michigan businesses, communities and people.

Buy Local Michigan promotion tips

buy local michigan promotion tips

Buy Local Michigan promotion tips.  Here is a great way to use and promote your Buy Local Michigan video segment.

1) John Rice created a page on his website to promote his video.

2) Created a custom URL with keywords to help his site and our brand. http://johnricerealtor.com/buy-local-michigan-features-joh…/

3) On his page wrote a description with a hyperlink back to Buy Local Michigan’s website. – search engines love this.

4) He embedded the video on his page

5) also put a source link. Share your Michigan story – it benefits you! ‪#‎buylocalmi‬

buy local michigan promotion tips facebookJohn also promoted his Buy Local Michigan Video Highlight on his Facebook page.

Sharing on Facebook is important.  Sharing with a description is even better.  Personalize your share to get more people connected. He did this by liking our Buy Local Michigan Facebook page and then linking to it from his page.  He also created a page on his website to draw people in for the video and his services… PRICELESS! At DW Video this is our mission.

Local business has always been at the heart of a community. We want to tell your story with an affordable video that promotes your business, organization and community. Join the Buy Local Michigan movement and
let us share your story today.Call 231-250-9624 for details.

Remember to buy and shop locally!

Join the movement and get involved.

Mecosta County Big Rapids YouTube Video

Mecosta County Big Rapids Michigan YouTube Video

Promoting Big Rapids and Mecosta County with YouTube video and SEO.

 Mecosta County Big Rapids YouTube Video promoting Michigan businesses. To reach out and connect with our prospects we are using YouTube to reach Mecosta and Big Rapids businesses.  Growing up in the area I have witnessed many people doing wonderful things. The Mecosta County Area Chamber of Commerce is an ideal resource for learning more about the area. The Big Rapids Downtown Business Association and the Canadian Lakes Property Owners Association are other resources for learning more about the area.

Businesses and organizations need to use the power of video and the power of YouTube to get your message out to prospects and customers.  DW Video is your source to videos that tell your story, AND we are going to provide you a FREE video.  We do so by providing a special offer within the video for  Mecosta County and surrounding areas by calling 231-937-5420.

Check out this video to receive your special offer… a FREE video – no longer valid

[youtube_sc url=”https://youtu.be/LlGE1pvuH7w” title=”Mecosta%20County%20Big%20Rapids%20Video” rel=”0″]


Mecosta County Big Rapids YouTube Video helps promote the community, your business and surrounding areas.  As part of telling and sharing your business story DW Video is producing a video blog entitled “Buy Local Michigan”.  Follow us by subscribing to our YouTube Channel.

Multiple videos on your website: New Product, Company Image, Business Profiles, Testimonials, Ask Videos and Review Videos, combined are tools to tell your story.  Contact Duane Weed at 231-937-5420.

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Tom Frens uses his Buy Local Michigan interview on his website to inform and educate customers on his business.

buy local michigan hmp carpentryTom Frens uses his Buy Local Michigan interview on his website to inform and educate customers on his business.

From his website he wrote an intro to what the video was about along with a hyper-link to Buy Local Michigan. This is what he wrote: “The difference between our work and a cabinet sold at a box store is that our cabinets are made of 3/4″ thick plywood with wood veneer layers where most box store cabinets are made of 1/2″ thick press board. Press board is sawdust glued together.”   For the rest of Tom Frens’ Buy Local Michigan interview please watch the video.

Instead of having just a link to Buy Local Michigan, Tom described the video and then included the link.  This is a good Google practice.  I keep saying this, do not over do the link exchange because Google frowns on that. Having a useful balance is important.


To be a guest on Buy Local Michigan and share your Michigan story, contact Duane at 231-937-5420.

Reciprocal links

Reciprocal links, what are they and do they work… or not. In simple terms a reciprocal link is – I have a link on my website that is hyper-links to yours.  You have a link on your page hyper-linked to mine.  These links complete the path between our sites.  There are some pros and cons.  Lets look at a few.

In many of our blog post we share the importance of video testimonials.  We provide a link on my page highlighting your services with a link to you.  To make it work, you having the same video on your website with a tag line with a link back to my site is a favorable practice with Google.  A big word of caution.  In moderation.  Over using this practice is not a good idea and may bring on a ‘black list’ response from Google.

Reciprocal links for legitimate testimonials is good. It is important to make it look natural on your page.  For example it would not be in good form to set up a page that had all these reciprocal links on it. Not natural and in my opinion – tacky. Be careful, we do not want to give Google any reason to think you are trying to be a link farm and doing things that are not good practice.  For example with DW Video’s Buy Local Michigan Video Blog we have some natural links.

Reciprocal links-todays weapons

In this example Today’s weapons: They did a basic write up with a reciprocal link back to Buy Local Michigan. Go to our Video Blog and see what we did to link back to them,


“Some tips according to http://www.highervisibility.com/do-reciprocal-links-provide-seo-value/ – this is direct from their site.  For more on this topic follow their link.

  • When it is natural. The best way to make sure that a link is natural is by embedding it into your content or into an author bio. Simply putting a link in the sidebar of a website does not seem natural to Google, and therefore that link will not reap any SEO benefits.
  • When it is relevant. If your company offers financial services and you’re exchanging links with a sports recreation site, Google is going to get suspicious and could penalize you. Make sure that the links are relevant and will help users—Google’s main goal.
  • When they are rare. You don’t want to have your entire link-building campaign built around reciprocal links. You can exchange links with some authoritative websites in your industry every once and a while, but don’t make it a habit.

In the past, reciprocal linking was extremely popular because it was easy and everyone was happy. Companies began exchanging links at a rapid rate, and in most situations these links were not adding value for readers. The links were going onto a page that was simply full of links. Naturally, Google decided to put a stop to this and penalize sites that were participating in this act, known as “link farming.” In these types of situations your will fail in terms of SEO every time. These link farms are still alive and well, so be careful.” – content from www.highervisibility.com

Reciprocal links-hmp carpentry

Keeping the message relevant and related to your business is important. This is what HMP Carpentry posted on their website. Here is what we did on our video blog.


Contact Duane at DW Video to produce your media and video production.  Buy Local!

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