Social Media and Website Content for your business

Social Media and Website Content for your business

Social Media and Website Content for your business is an ongoing adventure with your audience.  In this article we share 18 creation ideas to engage your customers and prospects?  



Content Ideas


* Video Profiles on each key person in the business

* Look around your business at the products and services you provide.  Everything is fair game for video and photography.  

* Video Testimonials from customers, suppliers, community members and more help in telling your story.  It is our firm belief that customers that share information about you are the best golden nuggets you have.  

* Review videos – use online content (Google – Facebook reviews for example). Create videos around each review – 10-20 seconds.  Good slow drip material.

* Tour Video of your store, factory and office.

* Go around the area and ask business owners, residents about what your business adds to the community.

* Product Videos/Photos – sell or make products – short videos, memes, highlight graphics

* Service Videos/Photos – highlight each service provided. 

* Training – share your expertise.

* Company News Highlights – up to date videos that push brand, any sales you are having, updates on what’s happening, what’s new etc

* Awards

* Content rich blogs, every video should have a blog.  200-500 words

* Feed all social media platforms and do not forget Google My Business.  Short articles, images with good rich short and long tail keywords

* Inspirational quotes on images – short positive videos

* Be the go to person about your industry – the tour guide about what is happening in your community.  Industry news etc

* Create videos-memes from customers’ photos.  These are priceless.  Use content from posts that the business was tagged in.  The possibilities, oh my

* Tips and Tricks on how to use, implement and maximize products and services offered at their business

* Highlight any press on the business by taking the article, videos etc and repurpose the content by creating new posts-blogs-videos.

Example of some Shop Small Business Videos.


Helpful Content Tips

REPOSTING CONTENT – It is okay to repurpose content for social media by posting it a couple months down the road.  Write fresh content in your post description to engage people on why they should watch the video or read the content you are sharing.  Repurposing content helps you to reinforce the knowledge you have.  Very important to be seen as the expert in your field.

SHARING IS CARING – the most important rule in my book is to share with a comment.  Why?  When you share something and add the comment it tells your followers why that post is important.  

FAQ’s – In many businesses there are a number of frequently asked questions.  You have a gold mine here.  Take each question and provide a short video answering the question.  Give examples of why.  

BECOME THE EXPERT – You are the expert in your field.  Providing posts and videos where you provide tips, helpful uses of your products and services engages the viewer without being a hard sell salesman.

UTILIZE THE PEOPLE AROUND YOU – It is important that you as the owner become very involved in your brand messaging.  Also, utilize your staff, suppliers and others to help tell your story.  The broker from a Real Estate Company for example may be the main spokesperson. Have the agents also provide content with tips and how to videos.  Build up your team.

GOOGLE & SOCIAL REVIEWS – Utilize reviews as memes and short videos to help build confidence in who and what you are.  Google My Business is one place to share content.

Search Engines feel off from consistent content

In closing, web and social media content is an ongoing process.  Testimonials, Profiles on key members of your business, Tips and Tricks, Training and so much more are all part of the consistent content creation process you need to do.

Duane Weed is a Creative Content Producer.  Have any questions, reach out and ask 231-250-9624.

Social Media and Website Content for your business

Video Production Services Near Me

Video production services near me is what DW Video & Multimedia, LLC has been providing since 1984.  Need a video for your business, organization, community or for your family?  

Being a Michigan based production company we go all over the state promoting local.  From Cadillac, Reed City, Mackinaw, Muskegon, Grand Haven, Grand Rapids to Kalamazoo, Greenville, Lansing, Rockford, Lakeview, Howard City and thoughout our wonderful state.

Business Videos

Since the beginning video producer Duane Weed has been creating videos that promote, train, provide safety information, product demonstrations, television commercials for cable/broadcast and now content creation for web and social media sites.

From concept through all stages of production, writing, creative, video capture (at your location or locations around the state, even in our studio of need be), editing, motion graphics, animation and whatever visual(s) needed to tell your story.

video production services near me

Content Creation for web and social media

Today video is engaging.  Video is also a powerful tool on your website to inform prospects on who you are and what you do.  Through consistent content creation for social media posts, Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin and more.  Through education about your products and services.  Tips on how to use your products and services.  Customer Testimonials that bring the message to the customer while building trust and answering the Why they need to choose you as the company to use. 

Family Storytelling Videos

How many times have you said, I wish my dad or mom could tell me that story again, or from a grandparent or relative.   Our Storytelling Videos are custom produced for your family including interviews, photos, old film movies and videos.  Whatever you need to tell the story, no problem.  Hearing your relatives relive their early years, your parents talking about how they met, the proposal and when they began parents.

The Story’s are priceless and through the power of video and Producer, Duane Weed’s ability to capture the story, you will have a memory that is shareable for all to see and have.  Playable on mobile phones, tablets, laptops and can ever store it in the cloud.  

These are not just for families.  The same concept can be created to tell the history of a company or community.  Capturing the history, while people are still here to tell it is so important.

Consumer Video Production Services

Our video production services near me commitment includes video to dvd transfers, today we transfer to mp4 (put on a USB flash drive and you can share it with everyone).  We are amazed on how much 8mm, super 8mm film there is to still be transferred to mp4 and/or a dvd.  

Do you want sound with that?  Transferring reel to reel audio tapes, cassettes, 8-tracks and Lp’s is also part of our consumer services production ability.

Have a wedding, anniversary, birthday coming up, our video albums are a perfect way to reflect on a person or couples years growing up.  Yes, we even do funeral videos that highlight the persons life.  Need the service covered for memories or for people that cannot make it… DW Video can do that as well.

boy sharing memories with teddy bear


About Duane

Duane Weed is a content producer for DW Video.  With a focus on promoting Michigan based companies he enjoys helping businesses from everywhere. Have a question or need assistance reach out by calling 231-250-9624.

Video Blogs produced by DW Video:  Buy Local Michigan  Welcome to my basement Jus Jammin  MI Basement Session

Buy Local Video Profiles promoting Michigan


buy local video

Buy Local Video Profiles work for everyone that has a story to tell.

Buy Local Video Profiles promoting Michigan companies, medical, schools, churches, non-profits and retail businesses. Marketing research shows that more and more people are shopping online every day… but they still prefer to buy in person. The caliber of on-line advertising is benefiting from advances in technology that make it practical and increasingly affordable for local merchants to run video profiles right on their websites.

Buy Local Video Profiles” provides a business or organization opportunities to increase their exposure on the web while using video to increase profits.

The Buy Local Video Profiles begin with a series of questions.  Your CEO, Sales Force, Customers tell your story. We then capture video to support the interviews. Then it is back to the studio to edit and produce the Buy-Local Video Profile, Your profile is then uploaded to YouTube, Vimeo and Social Media sites.

DW Video & Multimedia, LLC Buy Local Video Profiles promoting Michigan businesses, communities and people.  Call Duane at (231) 937-5420.

video profiles michigan

Everyone has a story to tell… our Buy Local Video Profiles are ideal for everyone.



DW Video services West Michigan with Video Production Services


dw video

Producer Director Duane Weed is ready to serve you.

DW Video services West Michigan with Video Production Services. When it comes to video and today’s media, consider us your best full service resource. We can handle it all; from concept through completion – and we’re fun to work with, too.

1) Business & Industry: We use today’s media to promote your products and services, train your employees and to market your business. From Video, DVD’s Internet Video to Brochures and Web Site creation and design…. We do it all!  

2) Consumer: Capturing your special event on video, transferring your home movies, prints or slides to videotape, or producing a one-of-a-kind video album for that special occasion are just a few things we can do for you.

Located in Howard City DW Video & Multimedia has been providing video and media production services since 1984. Contact Duane 231 937-5420. DW Video & Multimedia, LLC is West Michigan Full Service Media and Production Facility. DW Video services West Michigan with Video Production Services – we are ready to help you with all your video and media needs.

Grand Rapids Video Production Services

grand rapids video production services

Downtown capturing video for ArtPrize.

DW Video provides Grand Rapids video production services for business, industry, medical, non profits and consumer services.

Every business, from non-profits, churches, schools to manufacturing, industrial and medical should use video on their website to build their brand and market their business. “Since 1984 it has been my pleasure to provide video production services to West Michigan and Grand Rapids markets”, comments owner Duane Weed. “We are a little out of the way but worth the drive to Howard City to handle all of Grand Rapids video production services.”

DW Video & Multimedia’s services include: Producer/Director, On-Location Video Capture, Video Editing Service, Web Video Production, DVD Production / Duplication, Website Design, Multi-Camera Production, Animation / Motion Graphics, Green Screen Production, Audio Production, Photography, Print and Design, Custom Web Apps and Programming, Search Engine Optimization.


[youtube_sc url=”″ title=”grand%20rapids%20video%20production%20services” rel=”0″]


Magnetic Marine Products is a Grand Rapids based company that is growing.  Their website uses video to help tell their story.


Everyone has a story to tell and we are telling it on Video, the web, DVD and TV.  Promoting your business is what we do – we are here to help you and your business. Contact Us to learn more.


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We produce web applications that help your business run smoother.  Check out what Northern Pines Taxidermy has to say about how DW Video has helped them.


[youtube_sc url=”” title=”web%20applications” rel=”0″]


For Consumer Services there is no need to send your precious memories or projects to a box store or retail chain. At DW Video, we treat your memories like they are our own – ALL work is done in-house.  Film to DVD, Slides to DVD, Cassettes-Albums-Reel to Reel to Audio CD/Mp3,  all formats of Video to DVD.  Need 1 or 10,000 CD/DVD copies… we can do that as well.  Every project is unique and we will provide a free quote based on exactly what you have. Contact Duane today (231) 937-5420.


Check us out – learn more: Medical Videos, Testimonial Videos, Landscape Videos

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