The Power of Buying Local


Back in the 1990’s video producer Duane Weed was one of nine that founded the Panhandle Chamber.

What does the The Power of Buying Local mean?  Buying and shopping close to home is more than a feel-good effort.  Does it mean it is worth paying more for local matters or does it?  I have read where twice the money stayed in the community when people purchased locally. The Power of Buying Local campaign can serve by alerting a community about what is unique within your local market.

In the mid nineties I helped start the Montcalm County Area Panhandle Chamber of Commerce.  Looking around my community I quickly realized there were over 300 businesses.  However, what you see in the downtown and on the main drag was only a small percentage of the actual economics that were going on within the area.  My guess is when people think of buying local they think of what they can see.  Not the repair shop off the beaten path or even in my case a media and video production company in the country.  The Power of Buying Local is ALL.  The men and women that make up these businesses pay taxes to the schools, support local organizations and volunteer their time. We need to support these people so they can continue to support us and the community.


The Band of Locals has a Blue Band program that supports the power of buying local.

Another example of an organization that was established to share the power of buying local is the Band of Locals in Big Rapids. The Band of Locals have on their website state, “With no expiration date, the Blue Bands allow you to receive discounted savings at participating businesses throughout Mecosta County.”

Here is a TV Spot we created for the Band of Locals.  Since producing this video the phone number has changed – we need to take care of this 🙂  (231) 796-2502 is the Band of Locals new phone number.



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broadcast mediaAt DW Video we are here to help tell your story on video.  Call today 231-937-5420.  Lets get started in promoting you to the community and have people buy local at your place.  Connect with Duane on Linkedin. 



Promote Patient Education

An innovative, smart 5K run where our focus is to Activate Patients, Promote Patient Education and help Improve Patient Experience. If you cannot run, you may walk, or just benefit yourself by attending the *FREE* Health and Wellness Seminar.

The Healthy, Wealthy and Wise 5K
Healthy – By Walking/Running in 5k
Wealthy – By Saving Health Care dollars
Wise – By Providing Patient Education

DW Video has been working with Dr. Singh, Gagan Pal Singh, Kathy Murphy and Lena Chizek as we work to Activate Patients, Promote Patient Education and help Improve Patient Experience.  We would like to thank the following for helping with the video: Nick and Denise – Different by Design, Jim and Gail  – Gail Wyatt Realtor  and members of the Big Rapids High School Cross Country team.  Thank You!!!

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“Sign up for the iCrush 5K, where you can join this new health care movement! The race will begin November 9,  2014 in Big Rapids. Proceeds go to The Helen DeVos Children’s Hospital.”

Activate Patients, Promote Patient Education and help Improve Patient Experience is the direction Vital  Checklist and the team is moving and promoting.


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Ferris State University Campus Life

Ferris State University Campus Life

Fun times at Ferris State.

Ferris State University Campus Life video is the second video produced by DW Video & Multimedia, LLC.  What better way to open the campus life video than from the  President of Ferris State University, Dr. David L. Eisler.

I remember going over all the interviews trying to decide the exact segments to use for all the videos.  This is a very important part of my job as a storyteller.  Finding the right segments to tell the story. Here is the first segment from the Librarian at Ferris –  “Whenever you become passionate about whatever it is… you can make a huge impact here on campus'”

We interviewed a Pharmacy student and hearing his advice about coming to Ferris as a freshman… great advise.  Another student offered input about joining a student organization to make new friends and gain experience.  Making it real and telling Ferris’s story is the approach DW Video took when producing these videos.

“The second I came onto campus I knew I was at home.”  You know when you visit a campus and you get that feeling this is going to be home for the next four years. I got the feeling right away” All great advice from other students.

Enjoy the Ferris State University Campus Life video.  Contact Ferris State University Admissions to book your tour.

[youtube_sc url=”″ title=”Ferris%20State%20University%20Campus%20Life” rel=”0″]


More Ferris State Bulldog Videos produced by DW Video:

Welcome to Ferris

Proud Bulldog Parent


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Promote Big Rapids

Promote Big Rapids Aerial Video

Aerial Video for a unique perspective of the Big Rapids area.

Promote Big Rapids Downtown

Working with Ferris Photographic Services capturing some aerial video of the Big Rapids area.

In our Welcome to Ferris video we also needed to promote Big Rapids.  When doing the research for this project we learned that potential students and parents wanted to know more about campus life and the Big Rapids community.

We wanted to promote Big Rapids in a variety of ways so we went to the air to get a unique perspective of the community.

In our research for the project we worked with the client to understand their need and audience.  Then went out and interviewed students, professors and staff to tell the story.


What we found to be the unique branding statement for Ferris was:

1) Small friendlier campus, 2)  At Ferris you can get to know your professors and 3) Ferris is recognized nationally for academic excellence and hands on learning.


promote big rapids ferris football


For this project we had to not only look at what Ferris offered,but also what the community of Big Rapids offered.

The results was to promote Big Rapids is to promote Ferris.  Welcome to Ferris and Go Bulldogs!!!

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Welcome to Ferris State University

Ferris State University-Big Rapids

Campus life at Ferris

Welcome to Ferris State University

Ferris State University, Big Rapids, Michigan

Welcome to Ferris State University is the theme of a series of videos we are producing for the Admissions Department.  Promoting the University is just like promoting any business, large or small.

Knowing your audience and knowing how your products and services meet the needs of your audience is key.  Analyze your business and call Duane to tell your story  231-937-5420.


Lets begin… What does your business offer?  The products?  The services?  A combination of both?

In today’s media driven, fast paced world it is best to create a series of short videos instead of one long one.  In our ‘Welcome to Ferris State University’ project we are producing three videos.  1) Welcome to Ferris, 2) Campus Life and 3) A Parents Perspective.

Welcome to Ferris State University-Big Rapids-Michigan

Breaking up your message in multiple videos is an ideal way to promote your business.

Breaking the message into three videos instead of one keeps the focus directed to the audience.  This provides you the opportunity to sell, introduce and ask for the sale.

In the next few posts we will share highlights from our Welcome to Ferris State University production shoot.

According to the Ferris website, “Some Ferris majors are offered at no other university in Michigan or the United States. More than 180 undergraduate and graduate majors include 2-year degrees that “ladder” into 4-year, Bachelor of Science and Bachelor of Arts degrees, eight master’s degrees and Doctorates of Education, Optometry and Pharmacy.”

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