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Subscribe to the Buy Local Michigan YouTube Channel. Click on the photo.

“I have to tell you how overwhelmed I am watching this video.” states the director of Angels of Action, Joni Thompson.   “You have done an amazing job and I wanted to thank you for letting yme come in and tell my story on Buy Local Michigan and help to tell the story of the 611 children in Mecosta County that we feed.  Duane, You are doing amazing work and I am honored that you asked us to be featured.”  Joni goes on to state, “I needed to hear myself again tell my reason for the work I do, sometimes it is so easy to get bogged down with all the details that you forget the reason….. so thank you!!!!”  Blessings to you this year.  Joni

It is our pleasure Joni to help promote Angels of Action and the wonderful work you and all the volunteers are doing in Mecosta County. DW Video’s mission with the Buy Local Michigan Video Blog is to tell and promote the great people, organizations and businesses out there.  It is our honor to do so,
According to the Angels of Action website, “The Angels of Action Backpack Blessings program serves children who are food insecure, meaning they do not have “access at all times to enough food for a active, healthy life.” (Anderson, 1990) The program targets kids who access free and reduced lunches. Children identified as “in need” by school and site coordinators are sent home each weekend with a backpack filled with healthy foods.”
At DW Video we want to hear your story.  Do you want to be on the show?  Call 231-937-5420.

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Doing research for this post and found GoodSpeaks website. They are using video correctly, above the fold.

When producing a non-profit video it is important to keep it real.  This goes along way in educating people about what you do and who you are.  It is also important to have the video on the home page and above the fold.  Above the fold is the top part of the screen before someone scrolls.  Use the impact of video to your advantage and not hide it.

The power of a non-profit video and keeping it real allows the public to connect with a person and your cause.

Here is a couple examples of why you need a non-profit video: 1) Build awareness for your nonprofit. 2) Get others involved as volunteers and activist. and 3) Call to action – you want them to donate.


Use other social networks to promote your non profit video, such as Pinterest.

Here is a common mistake often found in non-profit videos and in others forms as well.  People try to put to much information in one video.  When you get into really promoting your organization with video think of it as a series of mini chapters. Not one and done.

Well a thought just came into my head.  You might be saying well da.  You produce video, you want us to produce more videos.  Yes, I do produce video. You need a series of videos that are never ending.

Here are some ideas:

Video Profiles on people within your organization.  Behind the scenes.

Testimonials from people that have received help from your organization.  People like to know where there money is going and seeing success stories builds trust integrity and a bond with you.

Thank you Videos that highlight major events and people you sponsor such as a golf outing, 5K, food drive etc.

Here is a story produced by DW Video on a local non-profit.

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Create a channel and embed the videos within your website. When using social media do not link to the video on You Tube.  Create a page that has the video embedded on your site.  This brings viewers to your site.  Not to YouTube and not to others on YouTube.  Keep the prospects and customers focused on you.  Also upload the video directly to your Facebook page.



When using non-profit or any business video. Disable related content when embedding the video within your site.


Contact Duane today to discuss how video can work with your non-profit and business.  231-937-5420.

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