Ferris State University Admissions Department


Producing three videos for Ferris State University Admissions Department.

Back in May, Ferris State University Admissions Department called on DW Video to produce three videos.  The videos, Welcome to Ferris, Campus Life and Bulldog Parent Testimonial are going to be used for campus tours.  Ferris and other Colleges and Universities all over Michigan are giving tours to potential students and parents deciding on where to send their son or daughter.

Working closing with the Ferris State University Admissions Department we set off to create the three videos.  After numerous days of on-location video, hours of making phone calls, working with Jason and Shelli setting up locations, interviews and events and days of editing – producing the three videos was completed.

Our first meeting was with a group of nine Ferris State University Admissions Department members.  Knowing that each of them had their own idea of what the videos should look like. Asking them to provide links to videos similar of what they liked provided us a plan.  Without a plan, no project would ever be completed… makes sense doesn’t it.

Working with members of the Creative team, Dan Salas, Frank Krywicki and Ben Slater we began capturing what would end up being nearly a half of terabyte of raw footage.

Here is a look at the making for the Ferris State University Admissions Department videos.

[youtube_sc url=”http://youtu.be/eron24ew5yI” title=”Ferris%20State%20University%20-%20Behind%20the%20Scenes%20″ rel=”0″]



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Welcome to Big Rapids… Welcome to Ferris.






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