Shop Small Business Videos

Shop Small Business Videos provide a look into your business, your products, your services and your people.  With a push to support local first our videos connect prospects and turn them into customers.  Connect with Duane to learn more.

 Your Brand and Services

People want to know more about your business.  From the products you make, sell and distribute to the services you offer.  Through the Shop Small videos the message is about you.  Remember the show ‘Cheers’ when Norm walked in the bar, everyone said ‘Norm’!

The same goes for your business, people need to know your name, the sales person, the guy in distribution and the gal in service.  People want to know your name.  Video is an excellent tool to do just that.

shop small business videos

Videos share your vision, brand, history and philosophy.

Connect with your prospects through a series of videos that highlight your vision.  Show off your brand.  Educate on how to use your products and inform customers on your history and philosophy.  Today it is not one video but a series that provide consistant content coming out about your business, orgainzation or non-profit.

 More Examples of Business Videos

Buy Local Michigan

Shop Small, Do Business Locally, Support Local

So many pushes out their to support local.  From Black Friday to Cyber Monday to Small Business Saturday in November. 

These are great but remember businesses need you to support local 365.  It is not just on select days.  It is everyday.  By supporting a small business you are also supporting local schools, orgainizations, community functions and more.  Why? Because small business owners give back to their community.  When is the last time you saw Amazon supporting the local baseball team.  You do see Joe’s Garage doing it for example.  #buylocalmi #SupportLocalBusiness

Contact Duane and the Creative Team to get your message out.  

Using Testimonial Videos are powerful in promoting your business.

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