share your knowledge

When you share your knowledge you become the expert in your area.

Share your knowledge with prospects and customers helps makes you the expert in your community.

* Share how your products work.

* Share the benefits of your services.

* Share tips on how your products and services can help people.

STOP – now are you seeing a theme? Share your knowledge is key to turning prospects into customers.

One excellent example of sharing ones expertise and ones brand is Dr. Harpreet Singh. Through the power of the video testimonials Dr. Singh has his patients (customers) tell his story.

[youtube_sc url=”” title=”Dr%20Singh%20saved%20my%20life” rel=”0″]


In addition to testimonials Dr. Singh also has produced over 30 patient education videos (all produced by  Sharing his knowledge to help people.  Even if they are not his patient.  BTW – these work and continue to grow his practice.  Dr. Singh has received new patients from his efforts and the story is still being written.  As part of his brand video plays an important role in his success and future.

[youtube_sc url=”” title=”Patient%20Education%20Seminars” rel=”0″]

Everyone of us has a story.  Is that story a service? A product?

Share your knowledge can come in many forms.  Do you own a restaurant?  Share behind the scenes information about how a recipe is made.  Share tips and show the process of refrigerator to plate happens.  Do you own a retail shop?  Share tips on how the products can be used.  Not just the obvious, but the out there, kinda crazy ways the product is used. Have various employees and staff members take a turn in sharing.  Your prospects and audience will love it.  They will be engaged and they will follow you and become long term loyal customers.

In our next video blog I will SHARE more information on how video can educate your prospects and customers.  Giving freely of your knowledge is important.

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