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Search engine back links on YouTube, on your Blog and/or Social Media sites is part of a good marketing plan

Include a link to your site

Imagine people on your YouTube site, they watch your video and there is no call to action, no way to contact you.  Now, awake from that nightmare. You do not put the time and effort into a video and marketing just for fun.  You do it to attract, educate, inform and sell your products and services.  Make sure once the video is complete you provide more details in your description for people to learn more.  It is very important to include a link to your site or landing page within your video description. You need to direct the flow of traffic to your site.  Let us not forget to add your business name, telephone number and address in the description and profile pages.

Back link to your videos

According to Creative Guerrilla Marketing, “Back links are as important for videos as they are for web pages. Creating search engine back links to your videos can be a very effective strategy for enhancing their search engine ranking. Therefore, whenever you write blog posts and articles, be sure to insert links to relevant videos. However, your focus should not be on quantity but quality. Make sure your links only appear in credible and well ranked sites. In addition, remember to share links to your videos in various social media networks.”


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