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On top of the International Bridge in Sault St. Marie promoting Michigan.

At DW Video & Multimedia we are producing Pure Michigan Video that promotes Michigan  Businesses, Communities and People.  Based out of West Michigan, our creative team works with clients providing cost effective media solutions for video, web based and graphic design.  We are here to help – contact Duane a call 231-250-9624.

Video does not have to be expensive, like with everything in life, cost does come into play.  We work with you to explore all options when producing your video, website and media services.

The ability to demonstrate and visual show off your products and services is key to the importance of quality video production.  The use of video marketing is to build an audience, to build trust and increase credibility.  Audience, Trust, Credibility is why you need to use video marketing in your business, school, church and non-profit. Everyone has a story to tell. 

From one of our blog posts Video Marketing Using YouTube: “YouTube is everywhere. YouTube as we know, is a huge search engine and social media gathering place. Do you want to get noticed by potential clients? Do you want to build a connection with them? Video Marketing is the answer.  Today, YouTube has changed how we watch video and how video can be used to market your business, demonstrate your product and inform your audience… turning prospects into customers.”

When producing a video the process begins with the concept. We look at your target audience, what is the best way to reach them, what are their needs, comments and concerns. From there we then organize, obtain and create.

Producing Pure Michigan Video is the reason producer-director Duane Weed gets up in the morning.   “I love helping people and promoting the great state of Michigan. Looking forward to helping you tell your story.


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