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Promote your Michigan business with a YouTube Channel

,Promote your Michigan business with your own YouTube Channel. When it comes to video marketing, the first place to start is YouTube, the most popular video sharing site which is owned by Google.

First Set up a YouTube Channel.  This is about branding.  So make sure you have a good description that has keywords that encompass your industry and target audience.  Within your description point prospects to your website. Include your logo and corporate colors. The purpose is to properly optimize your YouTube to rack on Google.

For example with Dr. Singh and Vital Checklist.  A YouTube Channel was set up, added their logo and a photo of Dr. Singh.  Branding and personalizing is the key.  Within the Vital Checklist YouTube Channel different ‘Playlist’ were set to highlight the various functions of Vital Checklist.  Patient Education Videos, Student Education Videos and Patient Experience Videos are just a few of playlists set up on the VCL channel.


YouTube Channel Michigan Playlist

Setting up multiple playlists within your YouTube Channel helps with your video SEO.

Promote your Michigan business with a YouTube Channel

DW Video Youtube Channel is used to feed our website, social media sites and our blog.

Promote your Michigan business with a YouTube Channel – At DW Video we can set up your YouTube channel and then feed it with videos we produce for you.  For DR. Signh we have over 90 videos on the Vital Checklist channel, with over 60 of them on theirs website.  Once you have the videos on your channel it is important to embed them within your website or websites.  Share your content on other social media sites like Facebook and Linkedin.  You can have the best mousetrap but if you do not promote it, no one will find it.

In addition to social media sites, I have been using video on the DW Video Blog.



At DW Video & Multimedia, LLC we provide Web Based Applications For Business, Organizations and Non Profits.  Northern Pines Wholesale Rugs and Taxidermy had the team at DW Video create an order processing system to track, monitor and maintain the workflow.

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At DW Video we are here to help with all your video and media production needs.  Call 231-937-5420.


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