Product video shows what your product does and how it will benefit the customer.

Helps people experience what you have and why they need it.

At DW Video we produce just the right video to show someone the benefits of your product.

Whether on location or in our studio, we will capture compelling video that sells you.

product video

Helpful tips when planning a video:

1) Define your audience.

2) Create an outline of your goals for the video.

3) Write a script. Many options here, off camera narrator, on camera talent. One key elelment is make it real.  Connect with the audience in a way they understand.  Never, talk over their head.  

4) Create assets including graphics, animation and video for each scene. There are times when having a customer talk about the product and how they use it is valuable.

5) Don’t forget the CTA or Call to Action.  What is it you want the person to do after they watch the video?  That can come in many forms: Sit back and enjoy your purchase.  Any questions please call our support team.  Order today.  

6) It is all about the customer.  So very important not to miss this aspect of WHY you are doing the video.

7) Distribution of video.  Is this video going on your YouTube Channel?  Handed out on a thumb drive?

Video and Photography

Since 1984 Duane’s life is about helping businesses tell their story. As Michigan’s Video Storyteller he works closely with you to get the right information to reach your target audience.  So you video? Contact Duane 231-250-9624

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