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    Michigan Stock Video is a service offered by producer Duane Weed, DW Video & Multimedia, LLC.

    For many years Duane has traveled around Michigan capturing Video Stock Footage of places, events and the beauty of what is called Pure Michigan.

    Michigan Stock Video is using Video Blocks Marketplace to host and distribute our video clips.  Each clip is $49.00.

    As an editor and producer I am always looking for ways to promote the State of Michigan and to help fellow video producers.  Many (not all) of our Michigan Stock Video clips have two or more segments all part of the one clip.  For example a long shot of a Michigan Lighthouse, Medium Shot and maybe a pan or tilt shot.  By doing this our goal is to provide more value and to give editors more choices.  We believe in value and want to help make your video productions the best they can be.

    Our main focus is on Michigan. That does not mean an occasional out of state scene won't make it into our library.

    PLEASE NOTE: We have a lot of footage from the Upper and Lower Peninsula of Michigan.  If you do not see what you are looking for in our Video Blocks Marketplace please call 231-250-9624.  We may have it, just not listed on the site.  OR, if you need something special we can go and get it for you.

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