Medial Video Testimonials

Video Testimonials for Dr. Harpreet Singh and Vital Checklist.

Medical Videos can come in many types.  We produce many different kinds of videos, including patient experience and patient education videos.  

It begins by understanding your audience.  Who they are, what they do and then providing our services to train, market and sell/educate them.  Sometimes it requires an emotional approach.


[youtube_sc url=”″ title=”Dr%20Singh%20changed%20my%20life” rel=”0″]


For the most part I am all about keeping videos short.  Keep it Simple.  Other times, like in this example five minutes is short.  Again, capturing the emotion, tells the story.  A Watch a Daughter’s Story – Mom has Plasma cell leukemia & Congestive heart failure


[youtube_sc url=”” title=”a%20daughters%20story” rel=”0″]


Patient Education Videos provide people a path to learning.  Their education is an important aid to caring for a loved one, researching a disease and helping in knowing the right questions to ask their doctor upon their appointment.   In this video Dr. Singh will teach the symptoms and patho-physiology of Multiple Sclerosis – done so in layman’s language.


[youtube_sc url=”” title=”I%20Crush%20MS” rel=”0″]



dr scharp big rapids dental

Using the camera jib to get the video needed to tell Dr. Scharp’s story.

Our technical capability to incorporate any type of element into the videos while at the same time creating a format that is visually appealing.   Dr. Harpreet Singh is available to provide his expertise and consultation for the medical videos we produce.

Technically and creatively, we can produce anything you can dream up in a style fitting for your audience.

Educate Patients, Improve Satisfaction, Streamline Treatment, Save Staff Time…. whatever your reason for video – We are here to help.  “Knowing that our videos could help someone is a rewarding experience, however as a video producer I may never know the true impact”, state Duane Weed.  “The goal is to provide the information and work with the client to get their story told.  Everyone has a story to tell and we are telling it.”

Contact Duane at 231-250-9624.  We look forward to working with you.
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