Landing Pages by Location Based Keywords

Landing Pages by Location Based Keywords is part of our next 30 day challenge.

The ongoing need to feed the beast I call the Google Monster with Landing Pages by Location Based Keywords.  As mentioned earlier the results of my 90 Day Blog/SEO challenge was successful.  It showed my site beginning to reach key market areas. For what my business does we could be hired and work anywhere.  At times we travel. Realistically my business shines in Michigan.  In general terms a number of communities within that area.

For the next 30 days or so my new challenge is building Landing Pages by Location Based Keywords.  Consider using location-based searches if your main market is in one region.  When searching for a business in your area, search engine users will usually include their location in the search. Otherwise it gives you results from other states, not helpful if you need a roofer now.  So, “home roofing contractor” becomes “home roofing contractor in Howard City Michigan. The more detail you put in your search, the better your results if finding what you need.

So that is what I am doing with each major keyword and location in my market area.  NOTE: Been told by SEO programmers that Google frowns on using the same content on multiple pages with minor changes.  Going back to our ‘home roofing contractor’ we would not place the same info on: ‘home roofing contractor big rapids’ – ‘home roofing contractor reed city’  and ‘home roofing contractor cadillac’  for example.  The Google beast loves content, new and fresh content.  This is where your time will be spent.  Hours and hours working your Landing Pages by Location Based Keywords. Plus do not forget you still need to be blogging as well.  Feed the BEAST.

As we journey through the wonderful world of SEO remember there are numerous ways to work our site organically. Please do not get discouraged.  This is a marathon.  A never-ending marathon.   This 30 day challenge of building Landing Pages by Location Based Keywords is only one technique we decided on based on our 90 day analytic report.  When will I know if this is a good use of time… 30 – 90 days from now.

My goal is  to help you.  You first have to begin with a website that has a great foundation.  Then and only then can we move forward.  This journey is one I am happy to share with you.  Learn from my success and failures.  Need help on your site?  Contact me at 231-937-5420.  We can design and build your site, your foundation and then help you along the path.  Thank you!

DW Video & Multimedia, LLC is a full service video and media production company located in the quiet country side of Howard City.  We service the Michigan communities from Grand Rapids to Grand Haven to Fremont, Big Rapids, Rockford, Greenville, Mount Pleasant, Midland and everything inbetween.  Everyone has a story to tell and DW Video is telling it.

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