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  • Inventor Videos with Purpose

    Inventor Videos produced by Michigan's Video Storyteller come in a couple of ways.

    1. Feature In-Studio Buy Local Michigan Video.
    2. Custom Produced video on your product featuring all the key parts of your invention.

    Bottom line, we work with you to showcase your invention.  Beginning with getting to know more about what you have, how you plan to get the word out and then we work closely with you to produce what you need.  

    With a package for $295 and one for $1595.00 we have what you need at an affordable price.  There are times when it could cost more, for example having to produce animation segments to best tell your story.  Or, having to take more than one day to effectively produce your video.  However, at DW Video we will work with you to keep the cost down.  How, by communicating with you

    Contact Duane today to begin the conversation. 231-250-9624.

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  • Custom Produced

  • Custom Produced

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