Knowing no one was in danger or lives at stake. The fire was a thing of beauty to watch.


A big Thank-You goes out to the Howard City Fire Department.

Had an opportunity to work with the Howard City Fire Department last evening as they did a ‘control burn’ of an old barn.

I am always looking for opportunities to gather stock video.  The ‘controlled burn’ was ideal in the fact there were no lives trying to be saved.  No critical structures to save.   Which from this video producers mind provided the perfect chance to capture digital video and photos.  My heart would not like to obtain footage that I would profit from off of someones loss.  Thank you Howard City Fire Department for this opportunity.

While capturing the video it occurred to me how beautiful the fire was.  The way it moves, sways and dances about.  Even the destruction of the barn, the frame and foundation were wonderful to watch and capture.  Again, for me it was because there was no real loss.  No body loosing a family treasure and more importantly… no one in harms way.  I know, must be a softy.  This is why I would not be good as a news reporter.  I care to much.

Take a minute and watch for yourself, Howard City Fire Department – Controlled Burn.



Shot this video with the Canon 60D and edited on Sony Vegas Pro.


Enjoy the video produced by Duane Weed, DW Video & Multimedia 231-937-5420

Here are some traits of a fire fighter. We are thankful to these men and women for all that they do.

1. Integrity: Honest, trustworthy, reliable and accountable

2. Physical Fitness: Ability to perform the physical tasks

3. Communication: Good people skills, articulate

4. Flexibility/Adaptability: Low-maintenance, able to work under stress, compromising, able to adapt and overcome

5. Dedication: Passion, pride, heart, desire, drive, competence, work ethic

The above and five more items are found in this article: The 10 traits all great firefighters have   FireRecruit.com ™ is where I found this information.


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