Michigan-home-movies-DVD_AuthoringTurn your home movies into that next best seller for your family and friends.  You may have home movies: 8mm, Super 8mm, 16mm film.  Slides, Photos, Videotape: VHS, VHS-C, S-VHS, 8mm, HI-8mm, Digital 8mm,  Mini-DV, DVCAM, 3/4 inch, BetaMax and BetacamSP. At DW Video & Multimedia, LLC we are hear to tell your story.

Michigan-home-movies-film-slide-transfer-service-dw-video How do we do this?  We edit those hours of memories into a shorter highlight blockbuster.  Interview members of your family. Have them share memories of their childhood.  Hear Grandpa talk about his team of horses and how he made a living plowing fields as a young man.  Or the time you were playing football with your young son and you tackled him, knocking the wind out of him… scaring you.  Take these memories and wrap photos, film and video around these stories.  Home movies are worth sharing.

Michigan-home-movies-Film-Transfer-DW-Video Michigan-home-movies-slides-to-dvd-dw-videoThis is a huge undertaking and will take hours of your time logging and deciding what segments to use.  The end result is a presentation that is unlike anything your family has in their collection.  Seeing and hearing family members laugh and having fun.  Even those people that are not here anymore.  What a way to share your Grandparents with your kids.  Allow them to know their history.

Now is this undertaking to much for you?  No problem, just taking these memories and transferring them to DVD is a great way to share your home movies, photos, slides and videotapes by having them transferred.  Heck, lets not forget those cassettes and reel to reel audio tapes transferred to Mp3 and CD’s. At DW Video we are here to help.  Contact us at 231-937-5420.


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