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Saving video cost by shooting the instructional / testimonials at DW Video.

DW Video has been in production for a series of videos for the Grand Rapids Inventors Network or GRIN.  Patient Attorney/Inventor and board member, Dan Girdwood came into the studio to record his testimonial.  Our goal was to get sound bites from a few people to build their video.

Amazing, and this happens all the time.  The concept of one video will turn into many.  Once the cameras were rolling this Grand Rapids Inventors Network board member provided many golden nuggets.  Each of these nuggets will be separate videos.  We will create a YouTube Channel for GRIN. Set up a variety of playlists that cover topics of interest to the Grand Rapids Inventors Network prospects and current members.

Turning information into members.  Instead of one long video our attention spans are short.  The internet has made us impatient people.  We want faster connections, short video bytes and content easy to comprehend. Videos produced by DW Video – keep eyes on your website longer.

Not only did Dan provide the golden nuggets for the highlight video, his knowledge of patients and what inventors should do is priceless.  This is valuable information for the Grand Rapids Inventors Network to share with their members and future prospects.  Video Works, Video Means Business, Video shares your story.  DW Video makes it happens and tells your story.  Contact Duane at 231-937-5420.

Grand Rapids Inventors Network welcome

Welcome to GRIN – Grand Rapids Inventors Network

Grand Rapids Inventors Network Video

Networking opportunities for inventors – Welcome to GRIN

Background on Dan” “Dan focuses on start-up companies, partnerships and early innovation, and  has helped start several non-profit inventor organizations designed specifically to help “novice” inventors. These organizations include the Grand Rapids Inventors Network (GRIN™), where Dan is a founding board member and a past president, the Jackson Inv:ntors Network (JIN), and the Inventors & Entrepreneurs Network at West Shore Community College (WIN).”

Contact Duane at DW Video & Multimedia, LLC 231-937-5420.  We are here to tell your story.

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