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Fremont Michigan, the baby capitol of the world.  A few miles west is a company that services Fremont with media and video production services… DW Video.  Located in Howard City they have been providing video and media production services to the area since 1984. 

Video and Media Production Services.

1) Business & Industry: We use today’s media to promote your products and services, train your employees and to market your business. From Video, DVD’s Internet Video, Website Design and Custom Apps to Brochures and graphic design…. We do it all!

2) Consumer: Capturing your special event on video, transferring your home movies, prints or slides to videotape, or producing a one-of-a-kind video album for that special occasion are just a few things we can do for you.  Have a project, call Duane 231-937-5420.

[youtube_sc url=”” title=”DW%20Video%20Howard%20City%20Michigan” rel=”0″]

Video Profiles work well in introducing you and your staff to prospects and customers. Promote your products, services on your website and social media sites.  Video profiles are excellent of video testimonials as well. [youtube_sc url=”” title=”buy%20local%20video%20profiles%20cedar%20springs%20michigan” rel=”0″]

How to videos allow customers to see, in action, what it is they are trying to accomplish. Learn a new skill, a new task or to better themselves.  These help establish you as the expert. [youtube_sc url=”” title=”Cedar%20Springs%20video” rel=”0″]

Product review videos  provide customers and prospects more confident to make a purchase online after watching a product video. [youtube_sc url=”” title=”Reed%20City%20Tool%20Video” rel=”0″]

Non-profit videos  When it comes to evoking an emotional response, nothing does it better than video. Whether you’re a nonprofit on a limited budget or you have some serious cash to spend,  use video is to use the combination of sight and sound to affect people in a very real way. [youtube_sc url=”″ title=”cedar%20springs%20michigan%20non%20profit%20video” rel=”0″]

Safety and Training Videos – Keeping employees safe and productive is your goal as a business.  [youtube_sc url=”” title=”West%20Michigan%20Safety%20and%20training%20Videos” rel=”0″]

Testimonial videos  provide a way to build trust.  Having clients sharing how great it’s been to work with you, from industry partners who have benefited from your collaboration or even your own team talking about what it was like to be part of your latest project, testimonials are a powerful way to establish social proof. [youtube_sc url=”″ title=”Cedar%20Springs%20DW%20Video” rel=”0″]

For all things video and media related contact Duane.

Fremont Michigan Video Services

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