Once the cassette was repaired we made a CD and MP3 file. memories saved by DW Video

Once the cassette was repaired we made a CD and MP3 file. memories saved by DW Video


Sometimes we have to save the patient. Family memory was in bad shape when it was brought in.

Film-Slides-Videotape are on the endangered species list.  Film from your childhood (or your parents – grandparents) 8mm, Super 8mm, 35mm and medium format slides and the variety of Videotape formats like Betamax, VHS and 8mm are not only out of style, they are out of date.  Never mind trying to find a videotape player.

On a side note I have found it funny that VHS beat out Betamax, when Beta was better.  The marketing genius at VHS worked a deal with the movie companies to offer their movies on the VHS format.  So, if you wanted to rent a movie you were forced to buy a VHS player.  So even though the VHS format was not the better format – they forced themselves on the public.  Do not worry, the Beta format went on to be used by broadcast TV and production houses.

At DW Video we were using BetacamSP for editing.   Now videotape is a poor standard for of your memories –we are seeing tapes tapes for the 80’s beginning to have problems. At DW Video we understand the importance of perfectly preserving your Film-Slides-Videotape.


Memories transferred is our job… such a rewarding feeling when the client sees his parents and grandparents when they were young.

File-Slides-Videotapes transfer service

25 foot 8mm film from the late 1930’s early 40’s. Cool Stuff. All Black and White and the cars….

Your memories are precious and priceless.  Do not send to a box store that in return ships them out.  Bring them to DW Video and all work is done in-house.  Since 1984 we have transferred over 100,000 feet of film, unsure how many slides and hours of videotape we have transferred for families to enjoy and share.

Before the film fades, breaks or gets lost.  Before the videotape gets gummed up and does not work. Contact Duane at DW Video, West Michigan’s resource for Film-Slides-Videotape transfers.


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