My Ferris

Shelli, Angela and the FSU Team,

You asked for examples – here we go!


Every video we produce starts with knowing your audience and is custom produced for their needs.


[youtube_sc url=”″ title=”My%20Ferris” rel=”0″]



Our approach is making it personal.  Since August of 2013, I have produced over 60 patient education and patient experience videos for a local Doctor –


[youtube_sc url=”″ title=”dr%20singh” rel=”0″]



Here are a couple corporate videos that provide career insights – make it real.


 [youtube_sc url=”” title=”steelcase%20careers” rel=”0″]



[youtube_sc url=”” title=”steelcase%20videos” rel=”0″]



Here is one style of editing technique – graphic and image tracking (titles/image track with the image movement).


[youtube_sc url=”” title=”manufacturing%20video” rel=”0″]


Here is another editing style shot right in our studio. 


[youtube_sc url=”” title=”team%20ashleigh” rel=”0″]

We take your vision and make it real.  I look forward to working with you.
Have any questions – please call 231-250-9624.
P.S. Here are a couple examples I did for myself:
Behind the scenes –
[youtube_sc url=”” title=”behind%20the%20scenes” rel=”0″]
Fall Colors in Michigan – using dolly 
[youtube_sc url=”” title=”fall%20colors” rel=”0″]


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