DW Video Production Procedure for all projects are very similar.

Here are some basic guidelines to the production flow of a project.

  • Outline for project. What is the goal of the video? Who is the audience? How is the video/DVD going to be distributed? Any manuals, tech sheets, promotional materials should be given at this time.
  • Script Research: In the case where one of DWVM’s scriptwriters writes the script we first start with a conference call or meeting with all parties involved. Other times when we use the Buy Local Video Profile style we discuss questions to ask employees, specialist and customers.  Develop a plan to tell your story.
  • If we go with a written scritp it needs to be written to an 8th grade level. The key to a good video is the script. It needs to be written in a conversational tone. The “Keep It Simple” principle really holds true here. You write to enforce the video and to train, educate and inform the viewer, not to bore them.
  • Review Process: Before any on-location video capture (videotaping) can begin the script needs to be approved. The script is our blueprint on how the video is going to be produced. It includes what video; graphics, animation and any other items are needed to complete the video. Please take time during this stage. It can save money during the actual production. Upon written approval of the script we are ready to move forward.
  • On-location Video Capture is the actual videotaping of each and every scene needed to match the narration or interview segment.
  • Graphics & Animation: these are being done while the on-location videotaping is happening so there is time to review and make changes if necessary.
  • Narration: The voice talent is recorded before the editing process begins.  Unless we are using interviews to tell your story. 
  • Editing: this is where it all comes together. The visuals are edited to the narration making sure every scene is properly timed out. Graphics, animations etc. are added at this time as well. Once the video is edited we will post the program on-line for review. 
  • Upon approval of edited video it is time to Design, Encode and Author the DVD and/or encode the video for use on-line.  A popular place to host your videos is YouTube.  Heck, did I even need to say that?  Vimeo works as well.
  • Artwork for DVD is designed and sent for approval.
  • Upon approval of DVD and artwork it is time to make copies.
  • Deliver Product / Upload video.

dw-video-multimediaEvery project we produce is unique, DW Video production procedure is a guideline, not rules.  Contact Duane today to discuss your next project.  We are here to help and look forward to meeting you.

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