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From 1984 to the present… Producer/Director Duane Weed loves what he does and it shows.

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Instructional videos teach others. This builds your credibility and puts you as the expert.

In August, DW Video Multimedia, LLC will celebrate 30 years in business. Today, an anniversary of a special sort… Brenda and I have been married for 27 years on this date.

Over time many things have changed.  However, one thing has not. businesses need to promote their services to both prospects and current customers.  During this time DW Video Multimedia, LLC went through changes as well.  In 1984, the business began as Duane Weed Productions, then it was Duane Weed Video Productions and finally DW Video & Multimedia.

Just like with promoting with video.  Back in the day we were duplicating tens of thousands of VHS copies.  Businesses would hand them out as candy to promote their services.  One huge problem, sharing.  Only if you had the VHS tape would you see their message.  Fast forward thirty years and video still means business, with one huge benefit… sharing.  Sharing on-line is huge.  If it is on your website, sharing on youtube, linkedin and facebook to name a few.  Today, your message is available 24/7.

 Call Duane at 231-937-5420 to discuss your project.  From Corporate-Business Videos to Consumer Videos… we do it all.


Telling your story is what we do.  In this example, emotion sells. One producing style we use is keeping it real.  Real people, telling real stories.

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DW Video Multimedia Camp Videos

From Summer Camp Videos to local Business and Retail Videos… Video Means Business.

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Promoting the area has always been close to our hearts.

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