Discover Montcalm Documentary

Discover Montcalm Documentary is a vision of video producer Duane Weed.  Our vision is to do a comprehensive video on each community within the county, the history, the businesses that make up the area and the people that make it happen.  Welcome to Discover Montcalm.

Discover Montcalm DocumentaryHello my name is Duane Weed owner and producer at DW Video in Howard City.  Our vision is to do a comprehensive video on each community within the county, the history, the businesses that make up the area and the people that make it happen.  Welcome to Discover Montcalm.

This will take some time to produce.    

We will spend a year or two doing a deep dive into each community within the County.

We will capture

  • What makes each community unique
  • Do a brief history on the community and what is happening today.
  • Why live in the community with a strong focus on Businesses and their history. For example Greenville being the birthplace of Meijer. Or that Carson City, platted in 1866, and The first two buildings were a sawmill and a gristmill.

Montcalm County Festivals

Will visit the Festivals within the county and discover the why and importance of those events.

Made In Montcalm County Products

We Want to learn about the Made in Montcalm  slash ‘Made in Michigan’ businesses like Paddle King in Crystal

or Advanced Farm Equipment in Vestaburg.

Quality of Life in Montcalm County

Will learn about the Organizations that add to the quality of life for Montcalm County citizens.

What does the Healthcare System throughout the county look like now and into the future.

The Educational System, public and private. From the ISD, Career Center and Montcalm Community College. What is in store for the future in education with in the county.

These are just a few items and I am excited to learn more and more as we move forward.  The story is huge and myself and Frank Krywicki will engage communities to get involved and tell their story.  Discover Montcalm documentary will be told by the citizens of Montcalm, I am super excited.

Video Documentary

The Montcalm County Story

The Discover Montcalm video documentary will tell the story of Montcalm County from the its beginnings through modern day with a strong focus on business and industry.

Imagine the Discover Montcalm Video Documentary as a book, each chapter is a community.  Then in each chapter there are going to be sub-chapters. Each of these sub-chapters are mini videos on businesses, the history and when all is said and done the  videos within the documentary are for everyone to use for free.

Who can use the Videos

Visualize a hundred or more  short videos that schools can use to teach the history and the economic structure of their town.  

Businesses can use to promote their story and success to not only the community but to prospects and customers.

The County and local government can use for inviting people to work, live and play in their communities.

Realtors can use to promote the communities they are selling in.

Churches, Organizations, Schools and the list goes on on who can use.  

Montcalm Video

The Budget

In my mind I would love to have a single resource to finance this project, then reality sets in and we are off to ask for money. The budget for the documentary will be at least $200,000.00 to produce.  There are sponsorship opportunities for Corporate, Communities, Business and Friends to support this project.

The corporate, community and business level will include videos for them to use right now to promote their business. And of course be included in the documentary.  At DW Video we love local and want to promote you now and into the future.

Beside the budget side we need involvement for the people that live in each community to interview.  I am passionate about Local and know that this story will be told by the people that live here, grew up here and have died here.  This is Montcalm Counties story.

Frank and I are open to your input and the stories.  Help us with the video documentary… Help us Discover Montcalm. Thank you

For more information and to learn more go to Discover Montcalm Website.

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