Dr Harpreet Singh uses YouTube videos will help the patient to learn about many health care issues at self-paced intervals in stress free environment.

We are proud to produce a series of Diabetes seminar video produced for Dr.Harpreet Singh and his iCrush Diabetes series.  Since 2013 Dr. Singh has been producing videos with DW Video from Howard City.

Patient education is important to Dr Singh who uses YouTube videos to help patients to learn about many  health concerns.

According to Dr. Singh, “Don’t tell the patient what to do but tell them WHY to do it. Start with why, develop the trust and patients will have more confidence in you. The Very Important Patient Approach VIP Approach.”

Diabetes, changing your habits begins with: cue, routine and reward. Changing a persons habits is key to not only Diabetes but other health related issues including Smoking and Heart Disease.

Looking for a Doctor?  Want to learn more on health issues?  Want to attend one a seminar? Go to drsinghmd.org.

In upcoming blog posts regarding iCrush-Diabetes we will show examples of the video work as produced for Dr. Harpreet Singh for his iCrush/Diabetes seminar series.  DW Video produces videos for all types of businesses. Need more detailed medical advice please contact a medical professional.

[youtube_sc url=”http://youtu.be/WmoMyp7it4A?list=PLBeNKf5vSLRIfBjbk_4tEpVBXiwt1HSUx” title=”Changing%20Habit%20-%20Diabetes%20″ rel=”0″]


Duane Weed, Video Producer for DW Video & Multimedia, LLC creates videos for businesses to share their story.  Promotional, Instructional, Training, Testimonials, Video Profiles, Marketing and Brand Identity Videos.  Contact Duane at 231-937-5420.

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