Company Image Videos are an ideal way to share your vision, brand and or history.  It is all about you, so we take a deep dive into your needs. 

What we have found is not covering all topics in one video is ideal.  Not written in stone, but in this age or instant gratification it is best to have three videos in the example given: your vision, brand and or history.

There are exceptions to every rule.

If we do it with humor and a well written script… and keep it short we could cover all three in one. The key, make it funny and people will watch.

Often we forget to ask the viewer what we want them to do”

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You get the point – have a strong call to action.

Your Vision-Your Story

Effective company image videos begin with a well-written script.  Mix in the correct video and visual elements and then do a pinch of audio sweetening to give the video a great taste.

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