In a recent post I mentioned that audio was 90% of a good video.  Today we will look at microphone types.

Microphones come in all shapes and sizes.  There are: Handheld/Stand mount, lavalier, shotgun and boundary. Deciding on the type of digital video capture you do will determine the type of microphone you will need.  Like a mechanic your tool box may have all or one based on your budget and need.

  • Handheld/Stand mount – These mics need to be in relatively close proximity (18 inches) to the source, usually the mouth. Portability and sharing between speakers are a benefit as demonstrated in many informal interview situations.
  • Lavalier – AKA Lapel Mic. This mic clips on to the person speaking inconspiculously. Try to get the mic as close to the throat as possible. Good isolation from background noise but not the best vocal sound.
  • Shotgun – This long tubular mic excels by providing a narrowly focused sound pickup pattern and rejects noise from the sides. Often these are placed on poles or handgrips just out of the camera shot and pointed at the sound source. When used appropriately they can provide the most natural voice recording in a location shoot.
  • Boundary – This mic often is a flat plate or hockey puck type shape. These often can be placed on table tops or in front of a wide source.
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