Buy Local Video Profiles tell your story – who you are, what you do and informs, educates and sells your business, school, non-profit, church to your customers – current and future.


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buy local video profiles are ideal for non-profits

No matter what type of business you are in: Corporate, Non-Profit, Retail, Manufacturing, Education, a Church etc. Everyone has a story to tell. The Buy Local Video Profiles tell your story 24/7. People like to do business with people they know and trust. They want to hear from you, in your own words. Once produced, use the video on your website, social media sites, for trade shows, mailers and as a TV commercial. One cost, no additional fees, your video to use everywhere. The video is customized to you!

There is also the Buy Local Mini Video Profile.  This mini profile is done at our studio and combines the interview with photos.  Since producing this video we have adapted the mini profile to multicamera production – Contact Duane 231 937-5420 to learn more.


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Inform and educate your audience – Kelly’s Deer Processing

Buying local in Michigan is so important today.  Having a video on your website that informs and educates prospects into doing business with you is important.  Buy Local Video Profiles are ideal for everyone to tell their story.

How much time is needed to videotape my Buy-Local Video Profile? The Buy-Local Video Profiles are set for up to 3 hours on-location videotaping at generally one location.

The Buy-Local Video Profiles are done primarily as an interview. If we are interviewing speakers, we actually prefer an unscripted shoot as it is far more authentic and natural. Think of the interviews as more a conversation, rather than a question and answer session.  However, this is your video and we work with you to get the feel and results for your videos.



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And Lets not forget about the power of the testimonial.  The Buy Local Video Profiles are a great tool for video testimonials.  Luke Wyckoff from Social Media Energy, Denver CO, discusses how important video is for business.  In addition how DW Video & Multimedia, LLC is telling your story for social media, websites and marketing.


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Telling Michigan’s story with our buy local video profiles

From Grand Rapids, Big Rapids, Grand Haven, Traverse City to Rockford, Greenville, Mount Pleasant and Clare – all all points in between – DW Video’s Buy Local Video Profiles tell your story.



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