At DW Video & Multimedia, LLC we believe in Promoting Michigan Businesses, Communities, and People. We do so with our Buy Local TV internet channel.

Getting to know the people behind the business name, getting to know more what makes Michigan a great place to live, shop and play. Have a story idea? We look forward to your input as we grow viewer ship and content. Buy Local TVRemember to Buy and Shop Locally. For all your video and media production needs contact Duane today (231) 937-5420.

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Binder Park Zoo, Tahquamenon Falls, Carson City Hospital

Buy Local TV explores Binder Park Zoo, Tahquamenon Falls, Carson City Hospital and DW Video & Multimedia. Michigan has a lot to offer. Battle Creek
Binder Park Zoo, Upper Peninsula Waterfalls, Medical Coverage, Health Care and award winning media producers.

The Fighting Falcon

The Fighting Falcon Military Museum in Greenville Michigan has a replica of `’The Fighting Falcon”, the most famous combat glider of World War II. Buy Local TV takes you inside to learn about the museum and the World War II glider built and produced in Greenville at the Gibson Refrigerator Company.

Frankenmuth Brewery

Welcome to Frankenmuth, Michigan. Home of Bronners, Bavarian Inn and Zehnders. However host Duane Weed goes for the beer – pure Michigan craft beer. Welcome to Frankenmuth Brewery.

Fred Meijer Tribute

Fred Meijer discusses growing up in Greenville, Michigan. Fred discusses how to treat people along with some very interesting stories. Taken from two interviews, one in 2001, the other in 2006. Fred Meijer, a true retail giant and great person.

Grand Rapids Art Prize

Grand Rapids ArtPrize is the world’s largest and biggest art competition held each year in Grand Rapids, Michigan. What is Art Prize… Around West Michigan some people call it an art show, an art festival or an art and photography contest. No matter what it is called you can experience Art, Paintings, Sculptures, Video, Performances, Paintings and more all around Grand Rapids. Not only are the artist from Michigan but all over the globe.

Alpena Shipwreck Tours, Diving Inland Lakes, Singer/Songwriter Don Middlebrook

Buy Local TV explores the shipwrecks of the Thunder Bay National Marine Sanctuary. The crystal clear waters and large ‘glass bottom’ viewing wells allow you to dive the wrecks – without getting wet! For those that like to get wet we travel underwater with our friends at Talking Scuba who share some inland lake diving experiences. Did you know there are fresh water jellyfish? Rounding out the show is TropRock, singer/songwriter Don Middlebrook.

Michigan Fishing, Michigan Businesses, Making of Michigan Maple Syrup

Welcome to Buy Local TV, in this episode we will look at fishing in Michigan, Grand Rapids Fish Ladder, Croton Dam and a fishing tip from Lake Michigan. Check in with Gilberts Carpet, Sunny 97.3FM and The Old Pioneer Store on the importance of Buying Local. We will profile Dr. Scharp and Pastor Doug from Big Rapids Dental and Solon Center Wesleyan and learn more about what they do. Enjoy Maple Syrup – we go inside the process and take you from tree to bottle.



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