• Broadcast Commercials

  • There’s no doubt that broadcast commercials work on television and at DW Video we take it a step further. We also take that video and make it work for you on the web. 

    A HUGE benefit to working with DW Video is we know that each video has over ten uses.  Why just use as a broadcast commercial?  Use the video and take it a step further proving local video marketing techniques to provide you 24-7 coverage. A complete win-win for you and your business.

    Do not take this the wrong way.  For some businesses broadcast commercials are the best.  What we are saying is don't just do a thirty second TV Commercial and hope someone is watching when it is your commercial is aired.  Take it a step further and create a video profile for your website, your social media sites and for trade shows and sales presentations. 

    At DW Video we work with you in telling your story. We take your broadcast commercial and take it to new heights and provide you the total power of video.  The initial consultation is FREE. Call 231-937-5420.

  • One person that does a great job in using video profiles, video testimonials and video commercials is Dr. Harpreet Singh.

  • 30 second TV spot for Mount Pleasant's Camilles on the River

  • Dr. Singh, MD

  • Camilles on the River

  • Custom Soundtrack and Animations help promote your local business

  • Outstanding Scriptwriting by KJM Production... Pricelss

  • Gilberts Carpet Plus

  • Central MotorSports

  • Since 1984 we have been helping businesses like yours - call us!

    Since 1984 Duane's life is about helping businesses tell their story. As Michigan's Video Storyteller he works closely with you to get the right information to reach your target audience.  So you need a broadcast commercial?  Give Duane a call at 231-937-5420. 

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