Big-Rapids-Video-ProductionDW Video & Multimedia,LLC offers Big Rapids Video Production through a variety of ways: Video Profiles, Video Testimonials, New Product Videos, Sales and Marketing Videos, Safety and Training Videos and Broadcast TV Commercials.

Video Profiles: Highlighting the key people in your company.  Put faces and names to your brand.  Make it personal and connect with prospects and current customers.

Video Testimonials: My personal favorite, having your customers tell your story.  The golden nuggets that are shared when a person uses your products and services talks about their experience with you… priceless.

New Product Videos: If you do not tell and share your products and services with prospects and current customers no one knows you exist.  Whether you are a start up business, inventor or established business, highlight and promote your products.

Sales and Marketing Videos: Making a connection with a person that wants to purchase your product and services.

Safety and Training Videos: Keeping employees safe is number one.  Training them to do their job better is also important.  Video provides that consistent message across the board to everyone in the company.

Broadcast TV Commercials: At DW Video we produce commercials for broadcast and cable.  We do this with a twist.  We take your commercial and share it on the web for a 24/7 reach.  Not just when someone is watching the news, but also for your website and social media sites.  One video has so many uses.

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